Thankful Thursday: Growing Independence

I cannot be the only one…who has noticed their child has started to show signs of real independence; whether buttoning up their own shirt or washing their own hair in the tub, the small things that can be done without Mama, are being done without her. ...more

Pedestals: Paternalism and Powerlessness

reblogged from UpRootIt took a lot of searching (by which I mean I’ve never actually looked), but I finally found something I can agree with pick up artists (PUAs) about:...more

The Battle Over IUDs

Dear Rep. Wachtmann,...more
@xtremeparnthood @BlogHer thank you! :-) it is some scary, scary stuff going on right now in ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Committing to a Partnership 2-10-12

Change is favored with partnerships.Your change is connected to sharing responsibility in order to achieve self mastery.Opposing Energies: obstinacy, obsession, limitationsCooperation is needed, especially in eliminating fear-based thinking.The biggest fear is of losing your autonomy, especially if committing to a partnership or a relationship.Wide Awake Words™ for today: fresh ideas, new friendships, focus...more

Dr. Romance on the Loss of a Hero

Dr. Romance writes: On Dec. 12, the world lost Rev. Denton Roberts, the person who taught me everything I know about therapy and just happened to save my life while doing it. If I have been able to help people, it is because Denton taught me how to be an effective therapist and healer....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Love you’ve been Dreaming about 11-25-11

The opportunity for loving with unconditional abandon is available today.Opposing Energies: fear, resentment, frustration, impatienceBeing clear with your intent drives away excessive attitudes of worry and indecision relating to commitments.Letting go of attitudes promotes healthier love, one you’ve been dreaming about.Keep the faith with your personal dreams and cosmic love.Wide Awake Words™ for today: assertiveness, growth, integrity...more

Reset The Motivation Button

Have you read a book by bestseller Daniel H. Pink called Drive? The author invites you to rethink motivation at its core. I personally like it when an author inspires me to think outside the box. And since finishing reading Drive, I am still utilizing the content of the book as one of my many resource guides for the work I do professionally, and for my own personal evolution.The author, came to his conclusions after drawing on four decades of scientific research, he examines the three elements of what he sees as true motivation - autonomy, mastery and purpose....more

If Nudity is Artistic Expression, Who Owns the Body Used as Art?

Although the news is frequently disturbing, I still read the newspaper while I eat breakfast. On Friday morning, a news item caught my eye: an art gallery in New York's West Village is displaying a live naked woman. The title told me everything that I needed to know: Hey, Look! She's Naked! But It's Art, So It's All Right. ...more
oh, and with regard to this particular showing... I don't know the artist's intent with this ...more

Thinking About Violence Against Women and Men

It is time for an edutainment type quiz. I’m going to show you a 41 second clip from a movie called The Public Enemy. In this scene, James Cagney and Mae Clarke are at the breakfast table.  It starts with a question. ...more

All hands on deck, there is much work to do. As the pass few weeks have shown there is still a ...more

Joined, Not Merged--Keeping a room of one’s own

I spent most of today at my new house, directing the movers and then unpacking box after box of items: glasses, dishes, books, clothes—even someone who tries to continually pare down, as I do now, can accumulate more than she realizes. A was around for the first part of the morning, carrying boxes out from the car, then went to the office, leaving me with the fellas. ...more

Hey BlogHer folks!  I noticed in my stats that a post I wrote about part of my abuse recovery ...more