Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser Review

Hi ladies!Tonights post is up and reviews Aveda's "Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser" in terms of a hair clarifying shampoo.This is a great, gentle clarifying shampoo that is safe for color treated hair! The bottle and the name may seem like it is just for the summer or to get chlorine out of your hair but it can really be used all year round to get rid of deposits and residue on your strands.Check out my review tonight and let me know what you think!...more

Aveda Dry Remedy Conditioner Review

Hey Ya'll!Hopefully the time change didn't trip you up!Tonights post is up and reviews Aveda's "Dry Remedy" conditioner.This is probably my first review where I'm not crazy about the product but I think could really work for some of you out there with perhaps more patience and different hair texture.Take a look & tell me if you've tried it before & if you know any tricks!<3...more

Do color-depositing shampoos and conditioners work?

Color me obsessed, but once again, I'm blogging about my salon-colored, highlighted, low-lighted, glazed hair. I love my colorist, but my hair costs me so much money, it's like I've become a vintage Jaguar; I'm ridiculously expensive, and I'm always in the shop. The most obvious problem is roots, which I've dealt with in my previous post. But there's also the issue of color fading. After all, I'm using permanent color. Why isn't it ... well, permanent? ...more

I color my hair auburn (or about as auburn as a medium-to-dark brunette can go with a single ...more

Recycle beauty product packaging, get freebies

Is the downturn in the economy getting beauty companies to -- recycle more? Cosmetic cases and bottles, once the unrecyclable bane of image-conscious environmentalists, are now recyclable at more places than ever. And all those places are at beauty company stores and counters. While many less-eco companies will evade responsibility for recycling their products whenever possible, beauty companies are discovering that in-store recycling programs are, well, bringing customers into the store when the malls are otherwise empty. Plus, those programs also beget good press and green creds. ...more

Now, if we can just get the water filter companies to take care of their expired products, i ...more

Disguising that telltale "Ack! Too much New Year's Champagne!" look in five easy steps

Ah, New Year's. When we come together to celebrate a new year full of hopes, dreams, and possibilities. It's a time for good friends, lively parties, and OH MY GOD DID I REALLY DRINK AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE BY MYSELF LAST NIGHT AND THEN PERFORM A JOURNEY/DEF LEPPARD MEDLEY FOR THE INVITED GUESTS?? moments. For whatever reason, New Year's Eve seems to bring out the drinker in most of us, myself included. Fortunately, my champagne-hogging, 80's hair metal singing days are thankfully past (for the most part), but I remember all too clearly those mornings after, waking up feeling as if an anvil was sitting atop my head, and looking as if my hair and now-smudged makeup had been styled by either of the aforementioned rock bands. It's Hangover City, people. ...more

Water in general is good. I've been getting into sparkling mineral water in a big way this ...more