Flying solo and loving it

 Beautiful farmland between Sacramento Executive Airport and Yolo County Airport....more

It's no hot dog anniversary but four years is still fun

 Yes, I really fell down on my weddi...more

World record 50-ship formation over NASCAR at Phoenix International Raceway

 World record 50-ship formation flight over NASCAR to celebrate Phoenix International Raceway's ...more

Fly Girl in Training: The first taildragger lesson

 First surprise taildragger lesson in the Rans S-7S Courier."We're not flying the 1...more

Fly Girl in Training: Short cross country practice

 Mid-December cross country flight over Lake Berryessa in Northern California. ...more

Fly Girl in Training: When a simulated engine failure becomes a forced landing

 Simulated engine failure turned actual emergency,...more

Fly Girl in Training: Flying a Bonanza over the Golden Gate Bridge

 Flying a Beech Bonanza over San Francisco at sunset....more

Flying history: Buzzing around in the Boeing Stearman biplane

 Flying over Sacramento in the yellow Stearman biplane. Me in my extra...more

Thank you, veterans!

Thank you, veterans! I'm in Portland for a job interview, feeling especially grateful for the privilege of travel and freedom of expression. Just a quick word of gratitude to all of the veterans, past and present, who have made those privileges possible. Thank you for your service! ...more

My Flight From Honolulu to Oakland—Just Call Me Amelia

I left Oakland, California, on Sunday, March 10, for Honolulu, Hawai’i. Not piloting a plane—I wish!—but as a passenger aboard a Boeing 737. When I returned Wednesday night, flying from HNL to OAK, I realized we were following the same route Amelia Earhart had in 1935. That’s when she became the first pilot to fly solo from Honolulu to Oakland. ...more