PLAN AHEAD......CAN A WRONG DECISION BECOME A RIGHT DECISION....? When Things Don't Work out As Planned....

  PLAN AHEAD….CAN A WRONG DECISION BECOME A RIGHT DECISION?...WHEN THINGS DON’T WORK OUT…. None of us can see everything that the future holds….That is a given…..We are not God and we truly cannot see everything that will happen both in the world and perhaps in our own lives…..But, we can be a good planner….A planner in the sense of being able to foresee some obstacles and to navigate around or entirely past them….. I think when we simply plan ahead for what obstacles might lay in our path we can so often avoid them all together….by doing what is necessary to pr...more

Follow Friday, or The Simple Things: Avoiding Conflict, Finding Patience, and Getting Perspective

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) Follow Friday, Or: The simple things: avoiding conflict, finding patience, and getting perspective.   Yes...  She's baaaack.  For another Follow Friday Fill-in.  I figured out that the nice thing about these is that my brain can start the weekend early.  I do...more
Very true! The simple things are the best things in life :)more