EXCUSE ME NOW....I MUST GO....SEE YOU LATER.....People Who Take Up Our Time....

    PEOPLE WHO TAKE UP OUR TIME….. I am such a polite person....more


Just what is Gossip…..?Well, it is pretty simple….It is where two or more people get together to talk about someone else….often filled with faulty information…..If the information is factual it can still be gossip when it is meant to be used as entertainment rather than problem solving…Most gossip is mean spirited and can be hurtful to another person….....more

Why Success and Gossip Don’t Mix

You know how it goes. You’re huddled around the coffee machine, riveted, listening to a co-worker’s latest rendition of “and then Tom texted Thea saying she was a conniving . ..” Oh, the fun of office gossip! Oh, the titillation and subversive thrill that comes out of “I know something about you that you don’t know that I know… and I’ve made sure all the with-it people know and ha-ha doesn’t that make me smart and you dumb!” Sometimes it’s not even something real – just assumed or presumed – but that doesn’t make the gossip any less enticing. ...more