PURE VISION Changing the World

       The ability of writers to imagine what is not the self, to familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar, is the test of their power. -- Toni Morrison...more

Awakening the feminine

The rise of womanhood is closely attached with awakening the feminine in all of us. The lead in this direction has to come from the womenfolk. Only if you come together as one unified force we can think about the rise of a new era based on the feminine principle of life. You are the natural carrier of the feminine principle. Mother Nature has bestowed women with the feminine energy of love, compassion, nurturing and healing which leads to unification of every aspect of life whether at the individual level or at the larger level of the world. ...more

The Rise of Womanhood

What do I mean by rise of womanhood? Before getting into the details of this question let me personally greet you. Hi how are you? I am sure you must be doing well and you must be feeling extremely happy and content from deep within. You know even I am feeling exactly the same. That’s the way we all should feel as that’s the only way to be “one with nature” and bring lots of positivity in our lives. But for any reason if you are feeling low, lonely, stressed out or distressed, don’t worry. It happens and it’s a phase that everybody goes through. Even I have gone through it. ...more