“Syndicated” A Dream Come True!

“I would like to take this moment to thank everyone that helped to make this dream a reality! I am ‘Syndicated’! And I do not want to forget to thank all the little people that gave their faithful support by always visiting my blogs, racking-up those views, and further making time to leave such wonderful, warm comments. Thank you, my followers, from the bottom of my heart. I share this happy moment with you!”...more
 @SunbonnetSmart.com Aws, shucks, Robin, thank you, thank you muchly, Amina mia!  I LOVES you!  :)more

Live Tweet the Oscars with BlogHer Pop!

It's almost time!  Tonight, the celeb set will stroll the red carpet down Hollywood Boulevard and into the Kodak Theater for the 84th Annual Academy Awards and you can bet your butt we here at BlogHer Entertainment will be watching -- and live tweeting -- every single second of it. Because honestly, isn't making fun of the rich and famous what Oscar night is all about? ...more
@the818 @blogherpop I'm so happy it's not tape delayed :)more

Earning Badges after Girl Scouts

As a Brownie and Girl Scout when I was a kid, trudging all over the neighborhoods, selling Girl Scout cookies in March, was the highlight of my year.We walked for miles, set on our duty to sell boxes, but not for FFV, the supplier at the time. We knew that if we sold enough boxes, we would be helping our Troop.And we were. The boxes of cookies sold for fifty cents, a whopping nickel of which went to the troop....more
Yoo-Hoo, Dvora! Shout out on my post from today! http://www.blogher.com/ten-pounds-copper-pennies-6more

What Were The Most Memorable Moments From The Grammy Awards?

The 54th annual Grammy Awards aired on CBS this Sunday. Did you watch the show? It was a strange mix of exuberance, music and memorial. The day before the recording industry lost one of its biggest stars, when it was announced that Whitney Houston had passed away at the age of 48. The audience at the Los Angeles Staples Center still seemed ready to rock, with a house packed full of celebrities. The show lasted three and a half hours....more
Adele swept the 54th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night taking home six trophies including album ...more

They're Golden: 2012 Golden Globes Style Report

Most award shows seem to have an unexpected theme on the red carpet, as though everyone’s stylist got the memo that the dress code would be jewel tones or little black dresses or lots of vintage jewelry. At the Golden Globes this year, from traditional to modern, there was something for all viewers to tweet that they loved....more
hmmmm I never thought about it but wearing red on the red carpet does seem a bit redundant. ...more


Dial Soap, you can't fool me. I'm on to you. You think you're being so sly, but I know you've reduced the size of your soap, cheating me out of a substantial chunk of your antibacterial goodness, yet charging the same damn price.I mean, who's with me? Who remembers when Dial used to be a thick, heavy, manly, perfectly rectangle chunk of soap that you could put in the toe of a sock and beat the shit out of someone with?...more

I Got Nommed, Y'all!

U guise!! My friend over at ParenTwin.com nominated me for Funniest Blog....more

Look Ma, I Got An Award!

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home     ...more

votes in bloglandia

We were nominated some time ago for "Best Special Needs Blog" over at Parents magazine. I was thrilled - and perhaps slightly horrified that I was thrilled because well, I'm not supposed to be excited over stuff like that, right? But in all honesty, I am. It feels good to feel as loved as you've all made me feel, with the support, comments and good vibes you've showered over me, over Moxie - and Micah and Mikey. Our whole fam-clan. It makes the fuzzy warm butterflies go nuts in my heart. ...more

And The Nominees Are...

Wow!!  What a way to wake up this morning...to find that I'd been nominated for a Liebster award!  A huge THANK YOU to Darian Wilk for nominating me!  Darian is an incredible writer who, besides her blog Crazy Lady With A Pen, just received the first copy of her book Love Unfinished.  I am so proud of her accomplishment!!...more