3 Ways Social Media Will Ruin Your Prom

It is that time of year once again.... everywhere you turn there are the smiling faces of graduates as they complete another level in their studies.  Recent high school graduates to those completing their graduate studies, and everyone in between are turning to their social networks to celebrate their achievements....more

Top 20 Reasons We're Grateful for Food Allergies

Grateful? For this annoying, often terrifying condition that disrupts our family and threatens our kid's life every day? Well, yeah. ...more
Takes insight to turn a perceived negative into a positive.more

Day 8/100 Accepting the need to Change.


5 Things You Can Be Doing Right Now to Take Care of Your Heart

Today kicks off National Heart Health Awareness Month, in fact, today is the 50th anniversary of this program.  Plus Friday is Go Red for Women to specifically raise awareness for women's heart health. ...more

Disasters We Create

Crosspost: Disasters We Create

There Must Be a Better Word for That

Today I spent the whole day dragged down and wrapped up in words like...more

Dare to... Enjoy The Moment

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Buddha ...more
Beautiful!  Thank you for being so inspirational and lending this message to the world!more


Mt. 8:1-4 St. Ireanus ...more

Being Aware

Mt. 10:7-13 St. BarnabasWe are not aware of what is around us.  Our gospel says to us "The Kingdom of heaven (the reign of God) has come near."  It was near me yesterday as I spent time with "Opie", and he commented I was the only one who had given him the time of day all day--we are so busy, we miss the Kingdom in our midst.  Two quotes call to mind that for me as well: ...more