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One Simple Technique that Shifted My Day from Rushed and Chaotic to Calm and Focused

As I sit here beginning this experiment, I feel a part of me wishing things were better. Mainly, I wish I were better. I get the whole spirituality, presence, awakening Movement.  I have had moments of complete awareness and acceptance of the present moment.  I’ve felt truly aligned with the person I was meant to be.  That’s what caused me to start this blog. I’m an everyday woman. I figured if I could snap into alignment with the real me, maybe others could benefit from my experience and do that same....more

The Huge Lesson I Learned After Being Bullied in School

I went through an awkward stage. I think it’s safe to say that we have all spent at least one year of our lives as a gawky version of current selves. My moment came in the heart of fifth grade. I grew much more quickly than my other female classmates, and boy was I reminded of it. ...more

Why is the trending #stopdropselfie so important?

There is a new social media storm ravaging my Twitter and Facebook feeds called #stopdropselfie where I am forced to see pictures of everyone I know or vaguely know on the internet acting natural in front of a mirror or while reading a book. Usually I ignore these pictures and go about my day as if I didn't just see them, as everyone does, but this time I can't help but get a little sad while scrolling through a sea of selfies. ...more

Service as a State of Mind

We are surrounded by signs and messages that advertise or promote service 24/7.   We have service industries and service-oriented businesses designed to serve people and meet their particular needs.  Service is generally providing people with goods, specific services or knowledge to improve their lives.  There are also ways for an individual to ‘be of service’ at work, at school, in the church, in the community and especially in the home.  Take note we are not talking here about servitude, I’ll save that for another time....more

Underage? Not anymore.

TREAT JUVENILE RAPIST AS AN ADULT AND PUNISH HIM AND IF PROVEN THEY SHOULD BE HANGED. #HANGTHERAPIST He's young. Not quite an adult.  Attends school, plays sports, reads young adult novels and prefers eating junk food. Sure, there are bad influences at times - a cigarette here, some bad words there. But he's still young. Not quite an adult. Or so you thought....more

3 Ways Social Media Will Ruin Your Prom

It is that time of year once again.... everywhere you turn there are the smiling faces of graduates as they complete another level in their studies.  Recent high school graduates to those completing their graduate studies, and everyone in between are turning to their social networks to celebrate their achievements....more

Top 20 Reasons We're Grateful for Food Allergies

Grateful? For this annoying, often terrifying condition that disrupts our family and threatens our kid's life every day? Well, yeah. ...more
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