the world entire

"the day everyone accepts the responsibility of being one with [Source] is the day we make our world more peaceful, loving and spiritual." michael perlin - metaphysicist, writer, filmmaker...more

In The Event of Something Happening To Me....

April is organ donation awareness month, and  as a true believer in organ donation, I can't pass out on the opportunity of blogging about it. I'm not going into the facts about organ donation and how you can register to become a donor because that information is just a click away....more

Accessing Your Inner Crazy

Everyone is Crazy in their Own Special Way   ...more

Own little worlds

Last week my mum and my adopted aunt went to the theatre in Edinburgh to see Cats, which was amazing, I’d seen it before but it was as good as I remembered it.  During the intermission the cast member who played Old Deuteronomy remained on the stage to sign autographs. ...more

To not sweat the small stuff...

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” This is inarguably great advice. And, I think, often easier said than done.To not sweat the small stuff, I think you need to know yourself, know what’s most important to you, and do it your way. Simply stated – I think so. And, again, these are ALL endeavors that may NOT, at times, seem easy....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Karma Is the Ruler Today 5-26-12

For some, news may be coming your way.Likely it is of a personal nature or relating to a special someone.Even though it seems hard work is consistently on the horizon, rest assured getting off the fence and taking action in all cases generates rewards.Opposing Energies: Broken promises, unreliability, deceptions, excessive spending.Karma is the ruler today, be aware of things said or done that may affect your life and your goals, and do your best to right the imbalances....more

Connecting the Dots for Climate Change – Please Join Me!

I've decided that as my first act of full-time self-employment, I am going to participate in's Connect the Dots Campaign, to help bring about global awareness of climate change and its impacts....more

My Morning Rabbit; A Life Well Lived Moment

 For me I often experience a life well lived moment, on my morning jog. I have a "morning rabbit". There's a jack rabbit on my dirt driveway, about 1/2 mile from our house, every time I jog. I'm begining to think he has the same work-out schedule that I do. I greet him, then continue to jog. There's a sprig of mustard weed illuminated in the early sunlight, with   a spider web studded with diamonds of dew drops.  I look up, scolded by a blue jay, I continue....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Opportunities in Teaming 3-21-12

We are enjoying a refreshing change of pace. Regardless of the oppositions that I’ll mention after this, today represents not only opportunities in teaming such as with your partner in life or work; it’s also as if we recognize the beauty and sweetness of partnering.The caring, compassion and strength in the power blending of two people, and the combination of the energies making a third energetic presence, new and full of the powerful intentions of the two!Delightful, to say the least…...more