Drawing the Line

For me, there’s a difference between maintaining my personal boundaries and drawing the line. My personal boundaries signal self-validation and affirmation while drawing the line can be motivated by changeable circumstances and variables. My personal boundaries are non-negotiable, but I may choose not to use indelible ink when I feel compelled to draw the line....more

Happy Birthday Switzerland!

The year I was nine my family traveled to Switzerland, my father’s homeland, where we lived for six months with my aunt Liseli in the lovely hamlet of Brienz. ...more

Perfect, Shmer-fect

I sometimes have this erroneous notion that before I can share my story or possibly give any advice that I need to be PERFECT in a particular area. I periodically remind myself that, despite my many imperfections, I still manage to grow and change....more

Sublime Compliment

As she spoke to me her words came to my ears as familiar, the very thoughts and expressions I had shared with her recently during a time she was hurt, bewildered and panicking. She spoke with certainty and conviction, her voice steady and full of strength. It was a sublime compliment that she did not remember that I was the one who had first proposed those very concepts and phrases. She was imparting her own wisdom, internalized and imbedded in her soul....more


I’ve understood for a long time that not everything I see or hear is real. Not long ago I was reminded of this in a most unusual fashion. While peering through a window of a local art gallery late one afternoon, I noticed a striking figure seated in the driver’s seat of a car parked on the street behind me. Quickly turning around to get a better look at her, I found the car empty. Amazingly, bright sunlight reflecting the empty car in the window caused me to see both the bronze statue inside the gallery and the car simultaneously, thus placing her inside the car....more

Re: There's a Vacuum Where My Heart Used To Be

The other day I wanted to write a bog about how I feel in my own skin, trapped inside myself with a depression. Then I stumbled over Beth Hommel's blog postabout her own depression and suddenly there was no way I could've written my own thing. What she wrote described me perfectly. I kept nodding my head in accordance....more

Undy 5000 - A brief run for a cure for colon cancer

Les Chisum, our father, brother, uncle, son, husband, and friend, was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in 2008. Despite medical predictions to the contrary, he is going strong. We will be walking in his honor at the Dallas Undy 5000 in October.The Undy 5000 is a 2k run/walk to support colon cancer research. On October 30, 2010, we will be participating as a team at the third Dallas Undy 5000!Please support our team’s involvement in the Undy 5000 with a tax-deductible donation. Your support will help us end colorectal cancer....more

The Weaving Together of a Community: A linkapalooza and Kickass Kumbaya

I had planned a post called "The Great ...more

The Many Reasons for Giving and Wearing Symbolic Jewelry

  Your first piece of symbolic jewelry could have been given to you at your Christening or to your mother to mark your birth. Symbolic jewelry represents or signifies a special occasion, accomplishment, celebration to honour someone, achievement, awareness of a cause or stand. Religious medallions, Diploma's Numbers, Sayings, Keys are examples of symbolic pieces of jewelry. Many are engraved with special and personal inscriptions, including the date to commemorate the occasion. ...more

How to Stay Alive


The great part is that self-defense starts with something you can work on, minus a class: ...more