Focaccia Bread!

I made a focaccia bread recipe from America's Test Kitchen - I love it!  A no knead recipe - only pain, is that you need to let the biga (starter dough) rise for-ever!The end result is always super good though!posted it on my blogspot page - enjoy! A Blog About Nothing – Focaccia Bread  ...more

Being Chronically Awesome Today, And Everyday

What I love about being Chronically Awesome: It's not about being out of anything, it's not about being owed anything, about pity, about handouts. Being Chronically Awesome is all about doing what you can, with what you have. It's about having the best attitude you can pull together on a given day.  Being Chronically Awesome may mean you have Depression or ADHD, Fibromyalgia, MS, or Lupus. It's about dealing with chronic illness on the terms that suit your life. ...more
It is the little things we take for granted and make such a difference. more

The Girls On Film: Movie Moments with an Awesome Twist

Ashleigh Harrington is kind of a bad ass. Along with partner Jeff Hammond, she's gone and created The Girls On Film blog, a tasty little pop culture treat that's one part social commentary, one part tongue and cheek comedy, and one part most genius online reel for an actor I've ever seen. ...more

Or, OMG - the scene from Sixteen Candles where Jake Ryan tells the Geek how to handle a girl.more

What Awesome Posts Did I Miss In January and February?

We often come across amusing, LOL funny, thought provoking, beautiful or downright insane articles and posts written by other bloggers in the UK and beyond.  The challenge is keeping up with or sifting through to find the really good stuff out there....more

The Miracle of Music

I’ve been thinking a lot about music lately. I love it! There was a time where I kept music around me constantly. I had a stereo in my bedroom for my afternoon listening pleasure and to send me off to dream land every night, in my bathroom to help me get ready for school, a walkman for when I was on foot or in the car with my mom, and music videos on TV to learn the choreography of the hottest new song.  My freshman year of college, I was referred to as “that girl with the big headphones on” or to my dorm neighbors below me, “the girl who blasts Mary J....more

Coffee Tea or Me?

Coffee, Tea or Me? Jesus asks us if we listen..In the morning, In the afternoon, In the evening..what will you have..Coffee, Tea or Me?I choose Jesus daily, hour by hour, minute by minute, and of course I choose coffee in the AM with Jesus.I like my coffee dark, but I am in the dark so much with out my Jesus...Try HIM you'll like HIM!!  He's a gentleman, and will come into your heart ONLY if you ASK Him to.  He loves us all...Isn't that amazing..He loves ME!!...more


It's a miracle!! For as long as I can remember, I have been an atheist.  Not an agnostic, but an atheist.  People are entitled to their own beliefs, I just don't necessarily believe what other people do.  Tonight, however, things may have changed.  Something so fetch redible that it could only signify divine intervention. ...more