"Black Folk Don't" Web Series Challenges Stereotypes

"Something about the sound of twigs crunching under your feet; it’s like Massa's coming down." -- a Black Folk Don't interviewee on camping A few years ago, I walked into a massive athletic shoe store in Harlem. I was kindly greeted by the security guards, but while I was perusing the rows of incredibly expensive shoes, a Black male salesperson approached me. "You aren't from here, are you?" he asked politely. "Uh, no. I’m from Toronto." He looked confused. "Where's that?"...more
I did not care for this article when I initially began to read this because I have tried to ...more

Meet "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl" Creators Issa Rae and Tracy Oliver

Turn on the television and there’s no telling what you’ll see in regards to Black people. Women in skin tight dresses on the hunt for "love". Women with the loosest of ties to basketball players throwing bows and pulling each others hair. Men dressed as women. Or men in polka dot pants and striped shirts calling for Cora. The lack of options can be frightening and make one feel as if all hope is lost for alternative images of Black folks....more
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