Um, Awkward! Some Things You Should Just Never Say

The other day I saw my next door neighbor for the first time in over a year.She was out in her yard, and I walked over with the girls to quickly say "Hello" and let them pet her dog. Neighbor Lady says, "It's so good to see you!!!!!!!!!" Then she shifts her eyes rather pointedly toward my stomach, wiggles her eyebrows up and down, and excitedly says, "Are you?...." Of course the unspoken word was obviously "Pregnant?!"I'm not.Awkward....more

How do I handle awkward?

Lynne Houston - 'Life as a Mortician's WifeOne question I get the most is "What do I say to people who are asking too many quesions or their saying hurtful things when I know they love me?"  ...more

Wearing Proper Underwear is Important

I recently went for reflexology and was told I should see a chiropractor for me constant aching feet. The reflexologist thought it might have something to do with my uterus not going back to its proper position after the baby was born.So with the thought of my benefits coming to a halt in a few months, I quickly made an appointment to see a Chiropractor. Typical me, I picked the first one I found online, that was close to my mothers house (babysitting).Here is how my first appointment went....more

My Donkey Arse Moment

Wal-Mart, Awkward Moments, and The Easter Bunny

So this awkward moment happened the other day.I was at WalMart getting Easter basket fixins’. I know. WalMart. But I’m on a budget so don’t judge.So I get in line with my candy and Crayola and books and reusable/recyclable paper basket grass, and the young woman initiated a conversation. A conversation she decided to have over the screams of my baby who wants everything she sees. Candy! Dora! Book!...more
 @KarenLynnn I think I saw it once on Grey's Anatomy or one of those shows. I guess if you have ...more

Further Proof That I Am Not the Social One

My son attended his first school-friend birthday party on Saturday.  Most of his friends have known him since before he could talk, so this was a whole new concept for him.  He sort of remembered who invited him (in that she is a girl and thus required a gift both pink and sparkly), and was ELATED that chicken, cherry tomatoes AND cake were served.  All on the same plate.  With a chocolate cupcake chaser.Does it get better?...more
And I'll have two glasses ready. *Smile!* @DesiValentine4more

Love Bites

Love Bites – At The SupermarketToday Mr 6 accompanied me on the thrilling and exciting trip to the supermarket for our weekly grocery shop. I say thrilling and exciting because with children you just never know what could happen in any moment of any regular day....more

Treats: Broken Glass and Garage Floors


Surviving 5 Kids and a Massage

Recently, I was given a gift certificate to a ritzy spa for my thirtieth birthday. For the past two months, I’ve held on to that little card with its elaborate curlicues, both enthralled and petrified by the idea of using it. As with many large families, our scarce resources are reserved for necessities, and with anything that is left over, manicures and massages will always take a back seat to youth sports and science camp. So to indulge in such pampering was something I have never done… until today....more