Awkward Family Photos: The Game!

The Christmas decorations have been put away, the thank-you notes have been written.  Christmas 2011 is in the books, but the memories remain.  Laughter, drinks, holiday cheer and … Awkward Family Photos: The Game?...more

Keep Clicking That Camera Button, PhotoHand Will Do the Rest.

At the time when the borderline between professional and amateur photographers is blurring, steps in to fill the gap in the Photography ecosystem by making the last frontier - photography post production - affordable and easily accessible to an average consumer....more

Single Serving Blogs That Serve Up the Laughs

"Single Serving" blogs are a special niche in the blogosphere. As the New York Times explained, they are "highly specific Web sites that serve a single (usually inconsequential) purpose." And usually? They're funny. Really funny. Tears-rolling-down-your-cheeks as you try to explain what you just read but no one can understand you because you're laughing too hard funny. I'm sure some aren't funny, but the best ones are hilarious. ...more
You hit about all my favorites! I also like Stuff White People Like, which isn't laugh out ...more

The Story Behind Awkward Family Photos -- and Now the Book

The beautiful awkwardness of Awkward Family is now a book -- what creators and authors Mike Bender and Doug Chernack call "America's ultimate family photo album."   I spoke with them just before it hit last week's New York Times bestseller list about their year of living -- immediately, successfully -- awkwardly.  ...more

This is a deceptively simple concept but so revealing about our culture and relationships. Some ...more