The Search for Mr Fabulous: The End of Online Dating

I did say I was going to give it a fair go ahead and I think a year is a good chunk of time to having yourself out there for the good, the bad and the crazy to contact you for a date. It was an interesting ride filled with men who turned out to be married , then there was Mr....more

Airplane Romance turned Social Media Stalker

                This is one of my most wild and eccentric stories about meeting a total stranger (handsome stranger I might add) on an airplane.  This story is so unbelievable that it’s almost unbelievable!  I can promise every word is true and all events happened.  I originally blogged about the entire incident on 9/17/11, when I felt threatened by my new found stalker.  So if you have already read ‘My First Social Media Stalker…’, then you can skip today’s blog.  I...more

My First Social Media Stalker…

             I was apprehensive to get involved in this extremely open lifestyle of social media from the very beginning.  Not only do you lose your privacy, get sucked into a time warp, (seriously I don’t know where my day goes) but you’re also vulnerable to numerous invisible predators that are looking to prey on innocent victims.  I haven’t even been doing this a month, yet already I have my own stalker....more
Thank you for your reply- it's nice to know I'm not alone. I've talked to a couple police ...more


LOVE SCENE INVESTIGATION“When we walked into a big gala fundraiser party at Chelsea Piers wearing matching tuxedos, he said, ‘Just remember – we’re not here as a couple.’”-Todd H....more


Running away…   6 A.M. There’s something about the sun just up, the morning freshness. It’s the perfect time for a jog or a brisk walk. To me, something about a good run in this hour is sacred. Like the first skier down a mountain of new snow, or the very first bite of warm chocolate cake. This morning in particular I was listening to the rhythm of my feet, the chop chop chopping of a nearby sprinkler, the heaving of my breath, the strong clear echo of birds. As the day was just waking, there was still a sense of stillness....more

Relationship advice??

Hi, Need some advice on  a relaionship I have been in for 4 years. I met my GF 4 years ago, and from the start I had problems with her and other men. About 6 months into our relationship,I found out that she had 2 affairs with married men. These guys where calling and emailing her on a daily basis till I basicly put a stop to it by treatening to contact there wifes. After that I had problems with her flirting openly with other men, and at one stage she fell a sleep in a friends hotel room after they went for drinks.... she promised me nothing happend....more

Well i think the biggest problem at the moment is her drinking, it seems to be changing her ...more

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship in the Short Term.

Q: I like this guy and I want to be with him, but we live in different states. I'm the only one who has to visit - what do I do?There must be something in the air, because lately we've received TONS of questions about surviving long distance relationships. Let's first start by stating the obvious.....long distance relationships SUCK!!!...more

I Like You: It's Your Kid I Can't Stand

When you become a parent, you enter not only into the world of children, but also the parents of your children's friends, their teachers, sports coaches and the tangled web these networks weave. But there's another side too: knowing the parents first, before meeting their children. Getting on really well with a co-worker, neighbor or parent you talk to in the pick-up line outside school often leads to that (way overused) word: playdate. "Hey! We get along so well, we have so much in common and our kids the same age!...more