Common Questions About Vitamins

By Jo Garcia Lifestyle Blogger.Whether you are thinking about taking vitamins or already a regular user, you may still have some questions around these helpful nutritional supplements. You’re not alone in your curiosity, and that’s why we thought you might like to look at some FAQ’s that we most often receive about vitamin usage....more

Trying to Kick a Caffeine Addiction?

Trying to Kick a Caffeine Addiction?...more

Health Maintenance for Tummy Troubles

Do you have a little bit of digestive discomfort? That’s no way to live your life and if you are like most, you tried some temporary solutions on the market and found it only made things worse for you later. Why not look into some more natural solutions?Slow DownIf you slow down while you eat you can help reduce your risk of indigestion. Try eating smaller, more frequent meals rather than two or three larger meals when you are starving and are more likely to eat more quickly.Drink More Liquids...more

How To Get More Energy

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Foods That Make You Happy

Feeling grumpy or tired? ...more

I'm a chocoholic but I know it's only a temporary fix. If I'm rational enough to make a good ...more