How to Name Your Baby in 6 Easy Steps

When I was single, I would imagine my future children; children whose names I had long ago picked out (Gabriel and Virginia) while daydreaming during classes in college. What I didn’t factor in was that my future husband might have an opinion. Or, more accurately, that he might disagree with my choices. ...more

Variations on Childhood Songs

To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Twinkle twinkle little ClaraBeing the middle child is not fairaAlways having to act outBecause we forget you unless you shoutGood thing you are really funnySo we remember you're there, honey.Twinkle twinkle little ClaraWe also cannot forget your haira. ...more

What Babies REALLY Need

I have recently read this article on Psychology Today and got really angry about the things books and articles have us believe that our babies need. They tell us that only if we behave in a certain way (meaning in their way) children will be well-adjusted and happy and have a good relationship with us.So I thought that to counter this, I would write my own article. It would be about what babies really need. As it turns out, it isn’t really much....more

The Disgusting Truth About Cloth Diapers

Last night I spent a whopping 20 minutes dunking cloth diapers in the toilet to clean off the solid left overs of the boujee baby food that two days ago my wee lad made a grand show of protesting. Pretty gross, huh?...more

These are my GOOD sweat pants!

A few years ago I made a bold move and left a fantastic position with a good company that gave me the opportunity to become friends with some amazing people in agriculture! A new venture was in store... little did I know how much things would actually change!Just a few years later I'm a "mostly stay-at-home-mom." It sounds funny because we don't always find ourselves "at home." But in any case, away went my business suits, corporate dresses, snappy outfits and shoes into storage tubs. Out came my "play on the floor with the babies" clothes. ...more


Yikes, I missed my blogoversary!  I've been excited about it for weeks, but for some reason thought it was March 7th, not March 5th.  It's been a big year for me, which started with the blog and then really got going on the 7th (yes, actually the 7th) when we found out that I was pregnant.  I wouldn't change a thing about the last year (and change), and I'd like to thank you all for being a part of it!In celebration, I have another project to share....more

I can PLAY with my baby?

"My baby is only 2 months, what do you mean by play?" I hear this statement from parents alot and it always makes me wonder, how many mothers and fathers are missing out on playtime during those first few months of life? Another statement I hear all too frequently is, "I can't wait 'til they're bigger and we can play." ...more

My boo-hoo

Now that I have the "All American Life", I find myself selfishly wondering what if?But, is it selfish? Is it truly selfish to, obsessively, wonder what my life would be like if I hadn't met Chad? Maybe I am having a Mid-Mommy Crisis (yes, I made that up). I know I am a lucky woman. I know I have a life that many want, or need. As my single bestfriend reminded me "The grass isn't always greener on the otherside"....more