To Sleep, Perchance to Eat

I've written about this before. How H#3 suffers some of the stereotypical treatment of beyond-second-borns. But I've now learned, and here documented, that it's not about how we treat him differently than either of the other two. It's just how he's wired. The kid has been waking up between five and six am, then hardly able to keep his eyes open for lunch. I've slowly been inching lunch prep earlier, until today I was getting lunch ready at 10:40. ...more

Sleep is No Longer an Option

They say that new babies smile early on as a means of ensuring their survival. The idea is that if they display cuteness, their guardians are more likely to care for them. I think the same thing goes for their smell: that ineffable, sweet aroma that they all seem to emit. At any rate, as a new mother who has slept exactly four out of the last 24 hours, I wholeheartedly believe that Nature designed babies to be cute in order to ensure survival of the species....more

Won't You Please Go to Sleep??

deux-chi via FlikrSleep time has been a bit of a struggle in our home recently.With a nod to Adam Mansbach's "Go the --to Sleep"......more
I take it that means you can relate? ;)more

Hush Little Baby... Before Mommy Dies of Sleep Deprivation

I'm finding that unless you are also currently the primary caregiver of multiple, small, non-sleeping children, 24 hours a day, that empathy is hard to come by. I mean, wasn't I supposed to know this shit was hard? No one has a baby thinking it's going to be all designer onesies and chubby ankles, right? And didn't I consciously go and have a second one KNOWING exactly what I was in for? Furthermore, haven't mothers been taking care of infants since, like the DAWN OF TIME and with far less gadgetry? So what the hell are you bitching about you spoiled, first-world, crazy woman?!...more
Oh, I love this. I know just what you mean. My son was the worst sleeper EVER. Ever? Yes, ever. ...more

Sleep training - Ferber method

Let me start off by saying that I’m not proposing that anyone else do sleep training, nor am I a cheer leader for the Ferber Method.  I’m simply letting you know what we did and what worked for us!   ...more

For the love of all things holy, AP moms, please help me.

I'm going to try to be coherent, but I haven't gotten more than a couple hours of sleep in a long time, and last night Zofia never let me go to bed. Night time has never been an easy time for me as a parent. My kids rule me. I have always co-slept with my 3 year old and still do even now that Zofia, 7 months, is here. I tried having her in the same room with us and she just didn't sleep. The ladies fed off eachother's energy and just stayed awake, so I put Zofia in her crib in her own room and she slept much better. Until now. ...more

Hairy Confession

I had to think carefully before beginning this post.. do I REALLY want to open myself up to the kinds of criticism that could potentially come from what I'm about to say? Do I have it in me to continue to stand up for what I do 3 times a day against many people's advice? Well... I guess so cause I'm still typing... Should I stand up to announce this? I admit it, I rock my child to sleep! It isn't a secret that mothers feel obligated to give other mothers advice....more