Early Onset of Parental Embarrassment. Prognosis: Dire.

My husband is home early today after I straight up told him I'd had my fill of 6AM to 6PM caring for two little people. I'm not going to lie, this 16 months apart, two toddler thing is k-i-l-l-i-n-g me. My little one is now head-butting her brother, grabbing faces with force and my big little one... well, I don't know how he knows this... but he somehow has this sense that mommy... can be embarrassed.Back to that in a minute, but first... my husband....more

Oh, hello there, trying threes.

Apparently my child is an overachiever and likes to reach life stages ahead of the norm. By this, I mean at age 2.5 we officially left the terrible twos and entered into the world of trying threes or as I'd like to call it "The year mommy's sanity goes to die.". Sigh....more

Nope, that's not my grandson.

I have, more than once, opened mouth and inserted foot.  Once, while walking a 5k race, I commended a woman for competing while pregnant only to be told, “ I’m not pregnant.”  Yes, I hustled away from her.  I’ve made a jerk of myself more than once, so I get it.   I guess that’s why I don’t get too bent out of shape when people ask if my son is my grandson....more

Deadly Weapons a.k.a Baby Fingernails

If you were to come over today, not only would you be hit by an avalanche of toys and knick-knacks, you'd probably walk away with some pretty severe lacerations. Piggle is walking around with razors on the ends of his fingers. In other words?I haven't cut his nails in awhile....more

Quick 'n Easy Greek Yogurt Finger Paint

http://2loveplaylearn.blogspot.com ...more

I Forced a Mom to Stop Breastfeeding!

Years ago I baby sat. No, not talking teenage babysitting when you sat up late with the kids way past their bedtime because you were scared.  Oh, you didn’t do that?  I am such a chicken.  No, I babysat when my kids were little ones to bring in a few extra dollars.  My, oh, my....more