Starting A Side Hustle at Age 60

  (In full disclosure, I should mention that I graduated high school the same year as Homer and Marge Simpson. Therefore, I’m not officially 60 years old… yet.)...more

Feeling Stagnant? 5 Ideas For When You Need a Fresh Start in Your Life

Two years ago, after a summer of extreme downsizing, I moved from a small town to the city. I cut my hair, sold my piano, and stopped updating my blog....more
Great post. I'm looking right at those 56-63 years and dreading it a little less.more

Did You Know That Acceptance of Yourself Can Crack Your Spirit

 “Dare to be what you are, and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not and to believe in your own individuality.” ~Henri-Frederic AmielDoesn’t it feel good to be accepted as ourselves?...more

Grandchilden? No, Thank You

Sunday, Sept. 7 is National Grandparents Day.  I thought about this day of recognition when my best friend told me she and her husband will soon have another grandchild, their sixth.  My friend is excited, and she can’t wait to learn if it is boy or girl and what name the parents will choose. When baby arrives, there will be a shower with gifts of soft blankets, tiny outfits and colorful, tactile toys. ...more

Eyebrow Wars

How is it we become fascinated with the most ordinary everyday items?  As girls, we sisters understood our appearance was vital to our mother's prettiness-eye.  We were taught to groom our eyebrows to ensure not one random hair needed to be plucked. Today, it feels more like a battle than a beauty routine.  Enjoy! ...more

Will Baby Boomers become Expatriates?

Every month a group of middle-aged women business owners, former corporate executives, and non-partisan taxpayers comes together to break bread and engage in civil discourse. Our only rules are to avoid bloodshed, lawsuits, and white zinfandel. This week’s conversation took a surprising turn when one said she had been researching other countries as potential places in which to retire. I almost choked on my American beef kabobs, Idaho potato cakes, and Walla Walla wine....more

Do You Remember Your First Day of School?

Do you remember your very first day of school?  I recall having mixed feelings about starting Kindergarten in 1960.  Here's my story.Situated in the center of our small town, the old brick building had creaky wooden floors, wide staircases and high, very high ceilings that loomed large above the heads of the elementary-age children.  I’d been inside the school before, walking through the main door alongside my mother and then waiting on a rickety folding chair in the empty hallway while she attended parent-teacher conferences for my older sisters....more

Happy 3rd Anniversary Bette Boomer!

 In one month, July 12th, we will celebrate the birth of Bette Boomer. Between now and then, all of us have lots going on…as do all busy boomers! We have been honored to share so much in the last three years, and are excited about what the future will bring.We will have a lapse of updates until late July. I personally will be in Europe for 3+ weeks with my husband and two teenagers, and look forward to providing some insight thereafter....more

Aging Gracefully

By Liza Kovacs, M.S.C, M.A., Fitness Contributor...more

Is It Time?

It is Monday night January 21st, Inaugural evening, the eve of my child's 29th birthday, the days after my siblings and I viewed our Mother's newly etched headstone, the weekend of a surprise Sandy Relief shower for my flooded beach house, and lastly but not least my day of reckoning. For some time now I've been pondering an age-old question should I end a relationship? I find it difficult to finalize an alliance, that I gave birth to almost four years ago....more