I have a TV shopping channel on the background as I am trying to get some things together and thought how sad things are for women**as far as cosmetics go**.You “need” a serum for morning and night, you need a bb cream, cc cream, and a gallon of tar….**joking**. I mean, seriously, do you see a really big run by guys to stores for the same stuff they shamelessly shill women for on tv? We aren’t speaking $5.00 either. I just heard one price as $104.00....more

The Game of Chance-- or Avoiding Reality

An article by Jennifer C. Kerr appeared in The Seattle Times which reported a poll taken of baby-boomers born between 1946 and 1964. This particular poll found that 64 percent of boomers say they don’t have a living will or a health care proxy. Kerr explains, “Those documents would guide medical decisions should a patient be unable to communicate with doctors.”...more

Over Fifty and Out of Work multimedia project

OVER 50 AND OUT OF WORK is an ongoing multimedia project that documents the stories and the impact of the Great Recession on jobless Americans, 50 and older....more

Older Baby Boomers problems portent disaster for Medicare

40% of older baby-boomers (ages 50-64) say they have trouble with routine physical activities such as climbing stairs, reaching overhead, walking a quarter mile & stooping....more

Palin--A Good Friend to Feminists

For years, women's issues have been suffering complacency and lukewarm responses from the media and mainstream culture in general.  Childcare, reproductive justice, fair pay and countless other issues have not rallied the forces or the show of hands needed to secure true equality for the "fairer sex". Suddenly the GOP, hardly the womb known to birth feminist activists, brings us Gov. Palin. ...more

Axis of Weevils -- Don't Nuke 'em, Freeze 'em!

Axis of Weevils -- Don't Nuke 'em, Freeze 'em! ...more