Square Dance Unit. Or Why I Never Forgave Our Gym Teachers

I liked school as long as I was sitting down, and lucky for me there was a lot of sitting in those days. I excelled at raising my hand and keeping my notebook tidy. In music class, I could hum, eventually locate the melody, and blend in. In art, I learned early that coloring inside the lines often trumped talent.I was relieved to have been born a girl because I had to do far less to prove myself than a boy did. It let me lower my expectations and avoid disappointment. I was excellent at being a girl....more

How Are Boomer Grandparents Different?

How Are Boomer Grandparents Different?Mimi@BoomerGrandparents.com ...more

BlogHer Newbie

My 1st BlogHer Conference, and I'm reading all I can to prepare.  If you have any suggestions for newbies please send them my way.  I've blogged for over 4 years, (even won a couple of awards) but still feel like a rookie.  I'm really looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers, and sharing ideas.  So impressed with the keynote speakers...  Guy Kawasaki is awesome and it will be amazing to hear Ariana Huffington in person.  Great variety of sessions and topics.  Can't wait....more

Baby Boomers? This is what your kids want you to understand about email.

I have a public service announcement for Baby Boomers. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings and I don’t want to be mean. You know I love you, right? But I’m taking a moment to echo what your own children have probably already tried to explain to many of you. Maybe you’ll be more receptive hearing this information from a different source, (me).Your personal email account should not be tied to your internet service provider!...more

To Babyboomers That Still Dream

 The new cyber-world and our shifting economic foundation ... the last of the baby-boomer generation of which I am a member is now approaching retirement age and we are caught between two generations, our aging parents and our own families.  We are providing and caring for both....more

On Leadership


Take Charge of Living Well

A baby boomer turns sixty every 7.6 seconds, but it’s not a reason to approach life’s later years with fear and trepidation. Most of us have a pretty good handle on the high price of an unhealthy lifestyle, but it takes more than a healthy diet and physical workouts to end up with a gold medal in living well....more

On Medicare Insurance and Healthcare

A large chunk of baby boomers was eligible for Medicare last year and many boomer parents and grandparents are already receiving Medicare benefits.Unless you love wading through insurance ins and outs, the paperwork can drive you crazy. There was confusion about people wanting to make last minute changes to their drug coverage who missed Medicare’s 2012 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) in 2011. According to a survey of Medicare recipients conducted by PlanPrescriber, Inc., one-in-five Medicare recipients were unaware of the new enrollment dates....more

Last Minute, Innovative and Useful Gifts for Parents & Grandparents

The countdown is on. Do any of us really need more stuff? Why not consume less this Christmas and give useful services to your aging loved ones. Baby boomers who want to help parents and grandparents age in place, know that concierge services are perfect to provide the level of assistance they require immediately and as their future needs unfold. Think handyman, housecleaning, auto care and pet care as extensions of the concierge. Likewise gift cards for haircuts from a local barber or salon and spa treatments are always a hit....more
Sharing! We are based in Vancouver, Canada and we do alot of the housekeeping, concierge, dog ...more