Crocheting With Joy

 Although I am excited to try new patterns, to adjust and modify and create my own designs, at the same time, I am aware that literally millions of women have gone before me, creating, crocheting and knitting. There is a sense that I am plugging into a long line, a historical, generational lineage of women who have always worked with their hands. in fact, I still marvel at what can be created with string and a steel hook....more

Cutest Exorcism Ever

V was baptized last weekend.  The deacon explained that it's a type of exorcism (first time hearing that for both of us) and I think it may have worked -- she's ditched the 4 AM wake-ups for the week!  I also got a 40-minute, not-on-me nap today.  Glorious!...more

Bootie Call

I intended to do the next post in my hexapuff series today, on duplicate stitching, but I totally forgot to take the pictures of my duplicate stitched puffs yesterday.  In part, I wasn't feeling well, and in the...more
@Karen Ballum Thank you!more

It's So Etsy: Pink Prep School Plaid Baby Booties

If only my little girl was still little... ...more

I forgot to mention in my original post that Tokara has a new website up and running. It is ...more