Baby Decision Mind Games

Sometimes when I have trouble making a decision, I play out in my head what it would be like to tell my family and friends my plans, looking at what happens with both options. I can glean quite a bit of information about what I should do based on how I imagine them reacting and how I feel about telling them. So for the first time, I finally thought through what it would be like to tell people about our final decision regarding the kids issue. Just to see if the true answer would reveal itself. Because I’m naively hopeful like that....more

Intellectualizing the Baby Decision

I’ve spent the last few weeks contemplating why this having-kids-or-not decision is so much harder than any other I’ve had to make – and more importantly, why it’s taking so damn long. It got me wondering…Where Did My Gut Go?No, I don’t mean that spare twelve pounds I picked up at Purdue freshman year. That’s still with me (many thanks, Natty Light). I mean the gut that whispers in your ear that something about this feels wrong, or right. The gut that says “Hey, you should do this!”, even in the complete and utter absence of any good reason why....more
Oh, you dear circular thinking egg-head! You are smart. You are clever. And you are thinking ...more