The 5 Stages of Baby Fever

Doesn’t it seem like everyone around you is getting pregnant or having babies? There must be something in the water, and about 99.9% of us moms want to drink it....more

The Cure to Baby Fever

Remember when I used to have baby fever? I had one of the worst cases and there was nothing anyone could do to lower it. It was such an intense urge that it consumed my life, every second of it. Then I had a baby, and not long after that I had another one and during that time and the years that followed, I have experienced the following: ...more

Powell, Party Of Four, Forever?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself those past few weeks. I have the baby fever really bad at the moment, but with the house and Violet having her issues, right now is definitely not the time to expand our family. However, deep down I feel like I’m not done having children yet for good. From the time I was seriously thinking about family, I wanted three children; if possible, two close together and another one 5 or 6 years after the second. ...more

A life in slow motion

Is it wrong to feel completely behind in life?  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my life.  I have a fulfilling job, great friends, wonderful family and an attentive amazing boyfriend.  However, my friends have husbands, houses and babies.  I want that.  I've wanted that since I was like 24 ... add on 7 years and I'm still waiting ever so impatiently for my click flick magical ending / beginning....more
I think sometimes society puts too much pressure on the diamonds and babies :) It sounds like ...more

Baby Fever Already??

So here I am with a two year old and a seven month old and I find myself getting baby fever, specifically baby girl fever. I always knew I would have a little girl. I was that weird kid who made a huge keepsake box full of things for my "future daughter"....more

46 Days Old and a Trip to the ER -- curse this heat!

Poor baby girl started SCREAMING her head off last night in the middle of nursing.We couldn't figure it out.  She never does that.  Usually she cries if you try and burp her at what she deems as the wrong moment.  But those cries are tiny whimpers compared to what we heard last night.  We checked her diaper.  It was fine.  We checked her body for bumps, cuts, whatever (to be honest we didn't even know what we were looking for...we've only been at this 46 days!).  Her body looked fine.  We checked her temp.  99.7 degrees....more

It really is the worst! So is the helpless feeling that comes along with it all as the ...more

On Being Single Yet Not Being Alone

I read through a friend’s blog about ...more