To My Daughter on Her First Birthday

My Baby Girl,Words can hardly express my emotions leading up to your first birthday. My heart swells with pride for the sweet little girl you have become, but also yearns for time to stop moving so quickly.  Just writing these few sentences has me tearing up, and I think of all emotions those tears are filled with.Happiness. The greatest kind I have ever felt. There is nothing in this world that makes me happier than being your mom.Joy at watching you learn and grow each day. Witnessing all of your milestones this year has been so special....more

How to Make a Baby Onesie Quilt

Back in March, I received an email from Heather asking if I would be interested in taking on a commissioned quilt for her son. Heather received my information from a girl I went to college with, who now works at Heather's company. I seriously love how small the world can be. Speaking of small, I called the Honest Company on Monday to cancel my pre-natal subscription, and after ending the phone call I received a text from a girl who is from Pittsburgh. ...more
Judy Riese Bell This is a fantastic idea. :)more

Who knew party planning could be that hard?

So the time is almost upon us. My son's birthday. I can't believe he is turning one! I feel he just came into this crazy world recently. It doesn't feel like a year. I mean he doesn't sleep through the night yet. But here it is, his first bday is in a couple of weeks and I have been thrown into the mass of kid bday planning. What to serve for food, what cake,ice cream or not, games? The list goes on....more
Oh gosh! I just saw this reply! I am so sorry, been so busy! Yea we survived and conquered that ...more