Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy (Seriously!)

Hey, new mamas out there! Before becoming a mom did you ever realize how much you didn’t know was involved with being a mom?! I feel like I have never done more research in my life. BUT at the time time, nothing could be more natural than being a mom to my son. ...more
That's true, it is a bit scary at first but as long as babies are supervised, everything should ...more

Apple With Dried Apricots

When a baby turns 6 months, its a major milestone for both parents and the baby. It is a very exciting time. Your little one is getting her first taste of food beside breastmilk or formula. It also makes mom’s/father’s/caregiver’s anxious on, what to feed their little budding eaters. When my daughter turned 6 months, I was all over the google searching, reading and looking for information on what's good for my baby....more

Chinese Steamed Egg Custard

I started to feed my son Leo this Chinese steamed egg custard since he was 10 months old.  He is 16 months old now and he loves this silky smooth tender egg custard. He always opens his mouth widely when he sees a spoonful of egg approaching.  He knows it’s yummy. ...more

Green Vegetables with Rice Cereal

Green vegetables are an important part of daily diet, especially for babies.  With rapid growth and development happening in these young bodies, green vegetables provide essential nutrients and fuel.  Hence serving babies, different combinations of green vegetables is extremely important. In the following recipe, I have combined french beans, broccoli and peas with garlic and cumin. And served it with rice cereal....more

Weekly Menu: Baby Solid Food with pictures

Transitioning to baby solid food can be tricky. I want to share with you a sample weekly menu for baby solid food. When my daughter, Eden, started on solid food, I struggled to find anyone willing to share what their baby was eating at a particular age. I wanted to know what a typical day looked like for an early eater and only found a few resources, which you can check out from our Feeding Baby Pinterest Board. Over the last six months, I have figured out why: Every baby is different AND Every day is different....more
mothersapronstrings I'm glad to hear it's helpful! I definitely hope to share more in the future!more

Introducing Spices to Baby's Diet

Now that Odette has been introduced to a wide variety of foods we have just started introducing flavors and spices! We love cooking with spices so this has been a great way to get her used to the flavors we eat every day. You can turn even the most bland foods into delicious meals with just a few spices.  Plus, if your baby is breastfeed they are already used to different spices they get from mom!...more