1st bday baby cake with banana and apple

The 1st bday cake might be a tricky find. You want your little one to taste it (if not even play with it) so you have to pay attention to the ingredients’list. Since you started with solid foods you’ve been careful not to give him sugar or salt or cow milk. At the same time you would like to offer to the rest of the party a tasty and inviting cake. Tricky, I told you ...more

Time for Solids- How to introduce and make your own baby food!

I received the Baby Bullet as a gift! I do believe that the product is worth the money but if you have a blender or a food processor then you can read the following information about How To and make your own baby food. You will want to purchase some freezable containers for the food that you can find at Babies R Us. These will have a measure on them so that you can make the right portion amounts ahead of time and always have fresh baby food on hand. Let's Get Started! ...more

Coconut Cinnamon French Toast with Caramelized Banana Maple Syrup

On Sunday morning, while munching on a "carob coconut puffed rice bar" and sipping my usual decaf Earl Grey, I saw a "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" commercial, which had me start reminiscing about my "breakfasts of the past."...more

Baby Muffins Revisited


Make your own baby food - Meat

In case you missed part 1 you can find it here.So I made chicken puree tonight and yes it looks as gross as it sounds, but oddly tastes just like mushy chicken.  Think the inside of a chicken croquet.I had ZERO idea how to make chicken mush so I did what I’m assuming everyone else does and Googled it.  Pretty much you can cook the chicken anyway and do anything.  Not helpful at all.  So I decided to do it the best way I could think of; crockpot it!...more

Stage 1 Baby Food: Green Beans, Butternut Squash and Sweet Potatoes

I know I deny the fact that I’m quickly becoming crunchy all the time (examples here and here), if I’m not already there. Yesterday I finally made peace with the fact that making my own baby food makes was the official nail in my crunchy coffin. I really enjoyed making the purees for Sophia....more

Organic Baby food recipes for Christmas dinner

Just because baby isn’t old enough to weigh in on his/her food wishes for Christmas dinner doesn’t mean they should be forgotten as you plan your family meal.  There are so many ways to incorporate your food into your babies Christmas dinner that it is a shame not to. For instance: Use some cooked sweet potato, mash it with breast milk, or organic whole milk yogurt, add a little maple syrup and your baby is now enjoying nutritous and delicious sweet potatoes along with the family....more