It's That Time of Year Again! Baby Showers! Check Out This Fab Gift Guide

Is there a baby shower in your future? Great gifts under $40!-PJ Gach...more

The Best Baby Gifts for – GASP – Parents Expecting Multiples

Twins seem to be everywhere these days. And with this rise in the number of people having multiples has come the rise in the number of people wondering what to buy people having multiples. People often ask me what I think the best baby shower/baby gift is for parents expecting twins. In most cases, I think the best gifts are those gifts that are good for “regular” expectant parents…only the need or want of those gifts is more extreme. For example, if you think that parents-to-be need diapers then parents-to-be of twins, triplets, etc. NEED diapers…and then some....more

Grandparents, and Holiday Madness

It is very hard to resist buying everything you see for your baby's first holiday! Once your little bundle turns 5 and your house is bursting with legos or doll clothes, and never played with toys, you no longer have that urge to 'pick up just one more thing' - that's what Grandparents are for. Those very same Grandparents are probably the ones who continued the toy gluttony that got you into this mess, literally! Raising the Grandparents takes the same skill set as raising your munchkin - patience and consistency. ...more

Tips on how to Keep Baby Healthy

Heart health is also important for babies and not much different than that of adult heart care. Keep food portions age appropriate and be sure your child is getting enough exercise are two of the most useful thing you can do to keep your child's heart healthy....more

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5 Ridiculously CUTE, Colorful, Green Gifts for Baby

Eco-friendly baby products are hotter than tattooed celebrities right now. Why? Because going green with baby just makes sense. The world is a scary place based on what you can see. Who wants to think about the invisible dangers lurking around like toxins and chemicals? ...more

I love those cupcakes.  You're right, I do want them for myself! :-)   

~ ...more

Holiday Shopping Made Easy: Coupon Codes and Special Savings

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Stocking Stuffers: 50 Adorable Gifts UNDER $10 for Baby & Toddler

When it comes to buying gifts for all of the kiddos in my life, I'm picky. It's no my own children as much as it is neighborhood kids, playdate friends, school pals, etc. I want something totally affordable yet it has to be cute, unique, stupendous, functional and fabulous too. Sounds to good to be true? Keep reading... ...more

Finest Expressions - Designer Gifts & Gift Baskets

Finest Expressions - Designer Gifts & Gift Baskets is a Toronto based company that opened its doors in 2007. Its' a dream that two sisters share to create baby & wedding gifts that are not only useful today but also remembered for many years to come. Each gift is designed with our full attention and utmost creativity. We started our company blog so we could share our stories of being mom-entrepreneurs and provide more information on our different product lines. We also do post how to plan fabulous baby showers and throw unforgettable wedding receptions. ...more