Top 4 Toddler Halloween Costumes

One of the more fun aspects of having a toddler is that I get to make all the big decisions in life for what he's going to wear for Halloween. For the past two months, I've been scouring the Internet for costume ideas for the boy. I've come across the basics (i.e.: superheroes, fuzzy animals, and cowboys), but I've also found several inappropriate, albeit hilarious, get-ups....more

It's August. And the baby's first Halloween is right around the corner.

This morning I was doing some research for my day job. Somehow, I ended up on Etsy. And somehow after that, I ended up utterly obsessed with infant Halloween costumes on Etsy. I know, I know – shiny objects and all. I’m easily distracted at times. Anyway, since Halloween is right around the corner…okay, two months away…and I will have a small babe by that time, I decided that it was high time to start making a list of my absolute favorite baby bean Halloween costumes. And then I got a little carried away by all of the cuteness. Let me share, please!...more

day o' delight

Sooooo, it's November now! Hey, where did October go? If you see her, would you ask, because I'm wondering how she slipped out so fast. I can't get over how time changes as we get older - remember how everything used to go by so terribly, achingly, excruciatingly SLOWLY? Minutes were much, much longer than they are now, weren't they? It's like time went and ate all the halloween candy, got a sugar high and crashed out. Speaking of which. ...more