Salt Dough Keepsake

I love doing crafts but I don't really get that much time anymore so I love that my daughter is getting old enough to do these things with me. Visit my site to see this fun salt dough keepsake....more

How Do You Chronicle Your Love?

A month ago, my sister and I stumbled upon some old sticker books we'd kept when we were younger. Flipping through page after page of cautiously placed stickers, memories of entering a 99-cent store and begging our mother to buy us more and more stickers flooded my mind.I was so diligent about collecting those stickers, I had to wonder, What happened to that persistent little girl who was so careful about chronicling every trip with stickers?How was it that the scrapbook I'd started for my son Equis, when he was simply known as Little Star in my belly, has just been hanging out in my closet for the past two years incomplete?...more