Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy (Seriously!)

Hey, new mamas out there! Before becoming a mom did you ever realize how much you didn’t know was involved with being a mom?! I feel like I have never done more research in my life. BUT at the time time, nothing could be more natural than being a mom to my son. ...more
That's true, it is a bit scary at first but as long as babies are supervised, everything should ...more

Feeding Emily (our experiences with baby led weaning)

I remember the first food we gave Emily: a stick of fresh creamy California avocado. She grasped it eventually after chasing it around her tray leaving trails of green behind. She squeezed it in her little fist and brought it to her mouth, smearing it over her face and in her hair. I don’t actually think she ate any of it at all but she had fun exploring this new substance, this strange stuff called food....more

Baby Led Weaning: Raw vs. Not Trial

With baby no. 2, I have to say my patience has grown- well, more patient.  I'm not as worried about hurrying and keeping up with the milestones as they are laid out in books and lists.  As long as Bambina is thriving (and almost crawling- months ahead of when her brother did! Go baby go!) and happy; our doctor agrees we're doing all good....more

Dinner Fail and a Montessori Baby Led Weaning Technique

I am from a family restaurant background but I'll never be a short order cook- never!  I just don't believe in it and now my family can blame my folks.  My parents owned and managed small restaurants that required tons of hard work, elbow grease, no vacations, zero free weekends, and lots of dish washing.  But oh, did I eat well!...more

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) Goes Cheese Less

Cheese less.  I apologized to the young dude taking my Pizza Hut (yes, I went with a franchise because they're fast, closer than any other pizza place, and I had a coupon) order for being weird.  He assured me it wasn't weird, and that he gets this same request just about everyday.  I felt like apologizing instantly, because I'm sure a lot of people think cheese less pizza is some kind of food abomination.  Trust me, my husband and friends are as horrified as you are right.  And Sillyboy only responded with "But, why?!" and Bam...more

BLW - an exercise in trust

The introduction of solid foods did not go well with my 1st son. It was a problem from the start. I was naive and much less informed than I am now. I also wasn't very confident in my own instincts and I followed other people's recommendations instead of following my little boy's lead. So I tried those (god awful, over-processed, nutritionally deficient, not any better than a cardboard box) baby cereals and he was not having any of it. He also hated purees in general (I always say he's a smart kid). Needless to say that it was a struggle to get him to eat anything....more