Maybe you should avoid those unique baby names

I have a few friends who are expecting babies right now. And one of the things that I love is hearing their criteria for choosing a baby name....more


There were a lot of considerations that went into trying to find the right name for our son. We wanted something unique, but not crazy. Something that was meaningful to us, but wouldn't set him up for a lifetime of trying to explain his name to others....more

Share Babies Feelings, Needs & World with Baby Sign Language

Baby signs are becoming a need than an importance for the parents Baby signs make you to speak to your baby before he or she starts speaking. It strengthens the parent-child bonding through time spent teaching signs to your baby.  ...more

Good-bye Sophia; hello, Emma

One of the most fun pre-baby activities my husband and I enjoyed was choosing a baby name. Of course, since my husband and I were together for a really long time before getting married and having a baby, we had the conversation on baby names long before we were ready to have children....more

My favorite names for a girl

 NO, I'm not pregnant, and yes, I know if I have another it will likely be a boy (my husband is one of 4 boys), and I've just sealed the deal with this post :-)  But nonetheless I love talking about baby names!  I have spring fever, baby fever and its just fun!  Here are my favorite names other than of course Eleanor (Ellie) :-)PearlBeatrice (Bea)...more

What you name your child could help him choose his career

When I was in eighth grade, my classmate B.J. asked his parents if he could change his name to Mackie. (For the record, Mackie was his father's name as well.) So, his parents allowed him to change his name as a birthday gift and we all spent the next six months trying to remember to call him by his new name.Today, my former classmate is a leader in sales at his company, but I now wonder if that is what he would be if he had remained a Benjamin James....more

Why Nameberry Will Eat Your Soul

 My husband and I are expecting a baby boy in February....more
Haha!  I hear ya, I have seen so many strange names on name websites.  The one in your list I ...more

What's Your (Name) Story?

My son C is writing a letter to a player on the varsity basketball team via a pen pal program initiated by one of his teachers. His opening paragraph is about his name, what it means (faithful, in Hebrew), and why his parents chose it (named for great, great uncle)....more

Stop Naming Your Kid Stupid Things, The Boy List

Recently I featured a post titled Stop Naming Your Kid Stupid Things, you can read about it here. I only showcased girl names….but you know that there is a whole other world of dumbassery still untouched. So today I present – Boy Names! After all, I am an equal opportunity slayer and want to ensure I represent the other sex....more

Stop Naming Your Kid Stupid Things

Let’s face it people, you got one chance to pick your baby girls name. There really shouldn’t be a do over in this category. You need to spend some time thinking about the ramifications of the name you have chosen, this is your child we are talking about....more