Best Toys for Baby's First Year

When my husband and I had our baby we had no idea what to look for in terms of toys. Neither of us had much experience with babies, and it seemed like such a small person wouldn't need much. I stand by that thought, but we still got plenty of toys as gifts, and our daughter really took to a few of them. Here are the ones I would recommend for baby's first year:...more

5 of My Favorite Baby Products & Why I Love Them

If you've had a baby, then you know what a hassle it can be to find the best baby products. You end up spending lots of money on products that don't work out and then you have to start the painstaking process all over again of looking for safe and effective products for your little one....more

The Baby Products Every Newborn Mama Needs

A few weeks ago I found myself running around Babies R Us with my little man when I ran into a couple that looked like they were registering for their first babe. They looked totally overwhelmed. So being the super nice nosy mama that I am, I offered a little advice. And asked if they wanted some help figuring out what they really needed right away on their list and what they could wait to get until they figured out if they actually needed it....more

Arbonne Baby Products Rock My World - So I'm Giving You A 24 Hour Deal!

So I’m obviously a huge fan of Arbonne – which, if you’re not familiar, is a Swiss health and wellness company that focuses on skincare. Every product that Arbonne produces is formulated without parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, chemicals, dyes, animal by-products…basically anything bad for you. This is partially because Arbonne has a commitment to pure, safe and beneficial products. It’s also partially because in Switzerland there are over 1,000 products that are banned from being used in health and beauty products. Know how many there are in the US? Less than 15....more

Things to Look for in a Baby Diaper

If you are a parent with a newborn, than you know full well how many various types of disposable diapers there are. The choices of baby diapers is mesmerizing. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to derive some useful tips to use when buying disposable diapers. ...more

The Curse of Too Much Information

Early on, silly me, I promised myself I wouldn't open the pages of a pregnancy book. I had less than nine months to get in order my "to read" list of books--the ones I'd always wanted to but not gotten around to, the unfinished novels I'd had on my nightstand, the big ones, and the mindless ones. Each night, they stared at me from my shelves, and me at them. I counted them, I rearranged them, I read a few, and then I broke down and bought one--just one--book on birthing. ...more

MommyQ is Back and Mommier Than Ever!

First, I must apologize to my BlogHer friends for disappearing for a few months. Sorry to drop off the radar. I was in transition and redesigning my blog. So I was saving all of my fabulously fresh content for the new site. MommyQ is looking wilder than ever and ready to roll in 2009!!! ...more

Best Things to Look for in a Baby Diaper

Any new parent who has ever been shopping for diapers has quickly discovered that there are a multitude of diaper products available to choose from. The wide variety of choices turns an easy shopping trip into a cumbersome task. We all have the same goal of finding the best diaper for our loving newborn. But what do you look for? What's important. In this commentary, I'll discuss the top things to look for in a baby diaper. ...more

Diaper Review of the Overnites Diapers From Huggies

Is rising in the middle of the night to change your baby's diaper getting old? Fed up? Your baby is cranky and wailing like crazy. You are exausted beyond belief. All groggy, being the dedicated soldier, you fit your baby into their new diaper. Trouble is, now your baby, nor you, can fall back asleep. Does any of this sound familiar? ...more

I myself used Huggies from the time my children were baby's.  I tried other brands and they ...more

Huggies Newborn Gentle Care Diaper Review

Kimberly Clark, the makers of Huggies diapers, is the second leading diaper brand and a trusted name in baby products. Throughout the years, they have continuously evolved their product line to meet the changing needs of parents. One such product that I am going to discuss is the Huggies Newborn Gentle Care diapers, which is a Huggies product made for babies up to eighteen pounds. ...more