Realistic Registry - Pediatric nurses' favorite baby gear

Not sure what to put on the registry? Looking for the perfect, creative baby gift? Here’s what pediatric emergency nurse/moms recommend:I asked a group of nurses with new babies and every one said that you need way less stuff than you think.   Except for these things they couldn’t live without….Sleep sacks – Babies are happiest when they are squished up. Baby is comfy and dad gets a little ego boost; swaddlers make even clumsy dads look like a pro! Any brand will do. Jennifer likes Halo....more

What’s the Best Baby Registry?

Another tough decision that expecting parents are typically faced with is where to register for the baby shower.  I’ll break it down to the top 5 and what we ended up going with.  I’ll rate them based on the following factors…selection, price, customer service, return policy and completion discount....more
BabyList has a registry completion discount now! Whoo ...more

Where to save and where to spend: navigating your purchases for the newest member of your family

You’ve heard me talk a lot about pricey baby gear, so I thought it was time for a post on where to save. In the course of my four years in mommyhood, I’ve bought a LOT of (likely too much) baby gear, clothes, and other products. Some purchases have been validated 10 times over and others, not so much. There are some things you really don’t need and some areas to save your money. ...more

Baby Must Haves Part 2

Hope your Saturday is going just swimmingly ;) I have a hair appointment scheduled for 2pm today. A haircut always gets me wondering if there is a way to have somebody to come over to wash your hair regularly... I'd be all over that! Anyway, let's talk baby gear!  ...more

A Crunchy Baby Registry: 34 Things You NEED (or should make) Before Baby Comes

What do I need before baby gets here? If you’re like me, you’re a worrier. And nothing gives you cause for worry like being pregnant. That nesting hormonal stuff kicks in and the anxiety starts, unless you have enough money to run out and buy everything you might need. But for most people that’s not the case. This baby registry for slightly crunchy moms is here to help. ...more
Danitchi Yeah, I call it "thorough." Not "long winded." Oh, no.more

Baby Needs What?!

My husband and I spent the good part of Sunday afternoon “registering” for the baby yesterday.I guess you could have looked at the fact that we couldn’t even FIND the registry desk as some sort of omen that we were two clueless first-time parents, but a nice Babies ‘R’ Us employee pointed out the massive sign that said “Register Here,” and my husband and I were ready to start scanning....more


Thanks for following me from my newlywed status to my just plain clueless status. ...more

Registering for your firstborn: Part I

I was extremely thankful to have my mother-in-law accompany me to register for my baby shower when I was pregnant with my oldest, Kate.  I was a first-time mother and felt overwhelmed about choosing the “right” things for my daughter.  Because my mother-in-law successfully raised four boys, I felt that she would know the “staples” I needed to include on my registry.  ...more