Intro to Infant Carriers

For a lot of family members, child carriers that you wear on your body come to be the most useful item of all infant gear. Babies love to be carried and held close, especially colicky ones, and a infant carrier can often help with this (it did with us!) Even so, with so many types to select, it may be challenging to come across the ideal one for you and your baby....more

New Reasons To Be Afraid, Very Afraid: Bath Toys And Baby Slings Are Bad

There is, it seems, no end to the things that can cause harm to your family. Strollers, playgrounds, sippy cups, plastic toys, painted toys, toys with removable parts... pretty much anything that is a fixture in family life, it seems, is a hazard. Well, now you can add bath toys and baby-wearing to that list. Are you a parent? Good luck sleeping at night. ...more

My girls have been taking baths since they were born like everyone else's, with bath toys and ...more

Are Baby Slings A Thing Of The Past?

Baby Sling Warning coming soon from US government- moms must read this!

This week I saw an article in my local paper about the dangers of baby slings, which many moms use to carry their babies.  Since I have a new baby niece whose mother loves babywearing, I was really concerned and passed on the article to all of the new moms I know.      Basically, they discovered that small babies can easily suffocate while being carried in a baby sling, and many have died in recent years.  I remember when my kids were little, we used the slings a lot, and noticed that the baby was down so low inside the sling that they couldn't ...more

Baby-Wearing Moms Don't Need Motrin

Motrin's "Wearing Your Baby" campaign didn't last long. ...more