Baby Steps

If you’re going to move forward you can take big leaps, regular steps or baby steps.  It’s fun to focus on the big leaps because that seems like the fastest, most direct way to go.  I used to think that and was always percolating on what big leaps I could take and then something happened to change my point of view....more

Working the financial "Baby Steps" with a baby on the hip

Part 4 in a series chronicling our journey to becoming debt free...So there we were in 1999 – both of us working, living in Dallas now and expecting our first child. We were making good money but it was going out as fast as it came in. We had no real savings and no real plan. When Noah was born Mark had a job that involved a nearly hour long commute each way and it was during that time that he found Dave Ramsey’s radio show....more

Zap Kitchen Clutter

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore Do the math. We eat three meals a day, 365 days of the year, and that’s not even counting dessert or snacks. Unless you’re like Oprah and employ a personal chef, that all adds up to a lot of time spent in the kitchen. It’s no wonder that most people count the kitchen as the nerve center of their home....more

New Year: Don't resolve. Practice

Several months ago, I wrote in my blog about baby steps and judgement.  I think it is time I revisit the ideas and put them into practice this year.  I still feel like I'm being dragged through my life.  As soon as we all get back into our routine of school, work, daycare, home, I'm hoping I can get back on my feet and begin taking those baby steps. ...more

My Weight-Loss Manifesto

November 11, 2007 I've tried playing it loosely, but that hasn't worked for me.  I've tried thinking myself thin, and that hasn't worked either.  Time for a new plan of action.  ...more