Do Vaccines Do More Good Than Harm?

Hey everybody, There's a survey to see how people feel about vaccinating their children. This will complement a forthcoming objective article to be released soon about vaccines: benefits and risks. THE SURVEY HAS JUST ONE QUESTION This is a very important topic so please share with friends and family this post or the link below. ...more

The FEAR in decision making and VACCINES

Today I have been worrying about vaccines.  I know I have to vaccinate my daughter (no school or doctor will take her if I don't).  But it makes me so nervous for so many reasons.  1) I hate the thought of her being in pain, even for the second it takes to administer the shot.2) I hate the thought of vaccines causing other things, like autism, even though the research doesn't support that it does....more
You are a great Mommy Jennie- I am glad your friend gave you that advice!

Baby Vaccinations

We all have at least heard something regarding the endless debates over the past couple of years, that have been centered around baby vaccinations.  As a new parent, I tried to read up on as much information that I could, and also spoke to some of our friends in the medical field to make up my mind about having my son receive all of his vaccinations....more