In His Image

Why is it so common to struggle with our body image? Why is what God created me to be, not enough? I am not advocating eating whatever I want, never exercising and expecting God to naturally allow me to be thin…but I am advocating that God did not mess up the body that He created me in! We are all different sizes, shapes, and colors yet scripture says that we were created in His image. Have you ever asked yourself what it is about His image that we resemble? That is a question I have thought of recently....more
A very beautiful way of looking at our bodies. Thanks for sharing.more

Happy Mother's Day, Duchess Kate

For the past week it seems the entire world has been fixated on Duchess Kate, who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on May 2nd. The chatter I’ve seen in the tabloids and on social media (or as I like to call it, “the news”) has mainly been focused on how ridiculous it is that she has the gall to look so amazing mere hours after giving birth.Now don’t get me wrong, it IS ridiculous. But I don’t hate her for it....more

After I lose this baby weight...

After I lose this baby weight, I'm hoping to also take off:...more

Um, Awkward! Some Things You Should Just Never Say

The other day I saw my next door neighbor for the first time in over a year.She was out in her yard, and I walked over with the girls to quickly say "Hello" and let them pet her dog. Neighbor Lady says, "It's so good to see you!!!!!!!!!" Then she shifts her eyes rather pointedly toward my stomach, wiggles her eyebrows up and down, and excitedly says, "Are you?...." Of course the unspoken word was obviously "Pregnant?!"I'm not.Awkward....more

How I Lost My Baby Weight

December 2012, approximately one year after the birth of my tripletsLosing the baby weight can be difficult for a lot of moms, especially since we often don’t have time to exercise. After the birth of my children, I gained an additional 15 pounds on top of my pregnancy weight....more

Be Gone, Baby Weight!

It has been almost 22 months since I had my last baby and 4 months since I stopped breastfeeding.  I’ve finally accepted the fact that the excess baggage that I’ve been carrying is sticking around, and that I actually have to work to get this baby weight off.  Dammit!...more

10 Things I'm Glad No One Told Me About Becoming a Mom

Awhile back I read a post by author Julie Buxbaum titled, Ten Things Every New Mom Should Know. It is hilarious and right on point. It got me thinking about pregnancy, motherhood and all the things I didn't expect and/or didn't like. It made me wonder if knowing these things would have affected my choice to have children....more
@lovelylyons I hope your feet don't grow... That really was unexpected. My life is so much ...more

Marathon Pants

My marathon pants are one step away from total disintegration. And it makes me sad. The pants in question are not pants used to run a marathon. They’re the jeans that I fit into after I completed my first (and so far, only) marathon. That was almost three years ago, or more than a lifetime—my daughter’s lifetime, that is.The pants were also my post-preggo goal pants. The ones that would confirm that I had pretty much lost all my baby weight....more

Help Me Stop Snacking!

I'm 35 and had my 3rd child six months ago. While I was pregnant, with all three of my girls, I gained almost 60 pounds each time. Yes, I just said 60 pounds! I'm also a 15 year bulimic/anorexic veteran. Not something I'm proud of, but something I've dealt with none-the-less. I was in a gain/lose cycle for so many years. Yo-yo-ing back and forth has been trying and tiring. It's led me down roads of anxiety and depression, and has literally ruined my life at some stages. I'm not proud of it, but know I'm forgiven and I'm moving on....more

Baby Weight

It is true what they say. For every kid you gain 10-15lbs. Well that was the case for me. My goal this new year is to try and lose it. Trust me I'm not trying to fit in skinny jeans, just want to be fit. To be healthy. Out with the Mcdonalds, in with chicken salad. Being a busy mom I'm always looking for the quick meals. This year I will plan meals accordingly. I have 2 beautiful daughters. With my first pregnancy I gained 30lbs after birth. It took me 3 yrs to finally lose it. My youngest was born a year ago. After giving birth to her, I am 20lbs from my goal....more

Want to track my progress? Follow me on my personal journey to accomplish my goal. Check out my ...more