Cooking LIke A Cavegirl

I am cooking Paleo this week. The Paleo diet, commonly referred to as the Caveman Diet, has been around for years and has recently become quite popular. Going Paleo is more than just eating meat, it's about connecting back to our evolutionary history. The concept behind the diet is to eat unprocessed, nutrient-dense food found in nature. No boxed foods, no dairy, no alcohol and no refined sugars. Basically eating what a caveman would have acquired as a hunter and gatherer....more

Food Blogger Favorite Recipes: Jaden of Steamy Kitchen's Ribs

We're getting excited about BlogHer Food 10 on October 8 and 9, so we're asking for the favorite recipes of some of the food bloggers in the BlogHer network. Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen played along: ...more

Yum! I want to eat these right now.

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