Ever since my boys started moving, the baby proofing journey hasn’t stopped. They keep developing, and with the development they find new ways to get into things....more

8 Babyproofing Tips for Your Kitchen

Babies and toddlers move faster than you might have ever thought possible. One second they may be at your side, and the next, they are unloading the contents of the refrigerator or lower cabinets. To help keep your little one safe, take a few hours to baby-proof areas like your kitchen. The time to get started on baby-proofing your kitchen is before your child is mobile. These eight strategies will help you keep your child safe and will bring you peace of mind....more
sassy sandy I found out that having several toys of theirs on the table helps too. My dd ...more

You've Got a Walker! Quick, Babyproof Everything!

It’s the moment you love and dread the most: the moment your precious baby goes from stationary to mobile. It’s a moment filled with joy and pride - maybe even a few tears.Yes, it’s a beautiful moment that just might immediately be followed by pure panic. Why? Because now, you can’t limit your baby to just what you want him or her to have. Now, everything within reach is fair game.It’s a first-time parent’s worst nightmare....more

It Happened to One of Us: On Preventable Deaths and Fear

That the death was preventable is what adds an extra punch to the gut here. Because that whole idea, that death can be preventable, is what torments all of us, parents especially. It's what draws us to the idea of so-called helicopter parenting; it's what keeps us up at night, listening for our babies' breathing; it's what leads us to imagine that it's entirely possible that we'll never want to let our children learn to drive, or date, or even leave the house alone. We're terrified by the idea -- the idea that I think most of us know so intimately that we can practically feel it, touch it, see it glimmering in the air before us -- that something might happen to our children that we could have prevented, that we might, someday, face the dreaded specter of 'if only I'd... ...more

This story reminds me of the time that a cabinet that I installed in the laundry room fell off ...more