35 Reasons Why This Nanny Won’t Work For Minimum Wage

 said it. I won’t.I’ve been going to a several interviews for new nanny position in the last few weeks. Just that information itself it’s a struggle for me, since I always accept the first job offer I get. I jump right to it and dive in, because hey, it’s a job!This time I rejected 3 families that I could easily see myself work for. Am I crazy? (yes, yes I am)Potentially, this could be really bad, ruin my finances and I might have to find a different job, regardless how much I like being a nanny....more

Things your NANNY wants to tell you (but she never will)

As I am thinking about this topic and ways to phrase all my frustrations, in the back of my mind is end of The Nanny Diaries movie. If you haven’t watched it, you should.There are days, even weeks in a row that I don’t like my job, I don’t like seeing where my life goes and I don’t like repeating one and the same thing over and over again....more

The Most Honest Babysitter Checklist You Will Ever Need

[Tweet "The most honest babysitter checklist you will ever need"]I have never hired a babysitter. Occasionally, I will plead insanity and convince my mother-in-law to take my children for a few hours so that I can drag my poor exhausted husband out for a date night. This is a rare event for a variety of reasons, but mainly because something about being at the grandparents’ house gives my children a false sense of freedom from civility....more

Disclaimer For The Babysitter

Originally Published On Pecked To Death By ChickensI have never let anyone babysit my kids except for the two sets of grandparents.  It’s partially because I don’t trust anyone else to do it, but it’s also because I’m a little worried about the victim babysitter’s sanity and well-being....more

Choosing a Childcare for your baby

Choosing a childcare that is best for your baby...http://lilbabyabel.blogspot.com/...more

Speed Dating -- for Moms!

It is a Tuesday evening and I am going out without my husband or the kids. I have a date. A speed date to be exact. Since I started dating my husband in my early 20s, I missed out on the speed dating phenomena which was popular then. Tonight, seven years of marriage and two children later, I have my chance. I should clarify that while I am going on a speed date, it is an event arranged by the Lullaby League, where the speed dating format is used for parents to meet and interview a number of babysitters in under an hour. ...more

How to keep good babysitters

Babysitters are glorious beings.  If you find a good one, don't ever let them  graduate or find another job.  These incredible people allow precious time each week to: exercise guilt free, pamper yourself, or gasp, spend time with your spouse.This is how I find and keep awesome babysitters.  Even my kids can't scare them off....more

How Well Should We Know Our Babysitter?

We have an incredible babysitter. She's our neighbor's teenage granddaughter and she is just the sweetest thing. Here's the rub: We have no idea what her last name is. To be honest, we use her only maybe 3 or 4 times a year and our kids are school-age, not babies. But it hit me the other day that we're leaving the kids with someone whose last name we don't even know! Does this make us terribly irresponsible parents?...more
Finding a babysitter can be a little overwhelming. But figuring out where to look and what to ...more

I'm Not The Babysitter - Really

It happened. Someone thought I was the babysitter today at the playgroup. When I said, "I'm not babysitting, this is my son!" she said, "oh, he looks like his father then." Has she ever seen his father? No. Forget the fact Baby has my eyes, my nose, my lips and my ears, he's just a different colour that's all! And I should probably take it as a compliment that I am right back down to my pre-pregnancy weight; I don't look like someone who just gave birth four months ago. Still, that's no reason to assume I'm not the mommy! ...more
@jaycee yes, I find being very blunt works best. I say, "well he came out of my uterus. I was ...more

The Importance of Dependability.

Our babysitter is like family. We are so fortunate to have a mature, caring, and reliable babysitter. I need to give praise to her and the impact she makes on our lives. This weekend my weak ankle gave out, sprained, and a little fracture occurred. We need help. Our family and babysitter has stepped up. My poor husband was facing a household with 3 little ones, pets-a new kitten, and a headstrong wife. When called out to work, we were fortunate to pick up the phone and have our babysitter arrive within the hour....more