Help! I Need Somebody - Not Just Anybody

Parents today have many options when it comes to childcare: daycare centers, babysitters, ...more

Wall of Shame: Babysitter Puts Wine in Baby's Sippy Cup, Gets Eight Years in Prison

According to the Times-Georgian, a Georgia babysitter gave her infant charge a sippy cup filled with wine, bringing his blood alcohol level to .33, a condition considered to be life-threatening. ...more

Wow. People are crazy.

Deana Birks inspire me!


Babysitting Tips

Hiring a babysitter can be challenging, and maintaining a good relationship is like any employer/employee relationship – it can be easy or…not!...more

Books: Babysitter's Business Kit

Does your daughter want to be the best babysitter on the block? ...more

My paranoia rears its ugly head: choosing a babysitter

My husband and I became parents through adoption:  we brought our daughter Alex home as a newborn from the hospital.  However, unlike most parents who have the luxury of some paid maternity or paternity leave when they bring home their little ones, the company we both worked for didn't give maternity leave to adoptive parents.  Therefore our need for a babysitter came fast and furious:  after two weeks of vacation time off, we both had to go right back to work. ...more

OK, I apologize upfront for my comment because it is annoyingly nitpicky, but please, please, ...more

5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Babysitter

If you have a number of potential candidates lined up for a babysitter interview, you could be on your way to hiring someone qualified to look after your child. To ensure you hire the best possible candidate for your child, it’s helpful to be prepared. Here’s a list of five questions you should ask at a babysitter interview. ...more

Babysitting Salaries

On one of my blogs, Your Parenting Info, an article was written about how much babysitters are paid.  Knowing that the hourly rate changes with the number of children being watched, we asked our readers how much they pay per hour for two children. Please visit our site, and weigh in on this question.  It will be interesting to see the amount of variety in pay! ...more

Every mother needs...

... some peace of mind. Seriously, when was the last time you gave yourself the gift of some peace of mind? Like, really took some time out to do something you wanted to do? ...more