Cold and Flu Season is Here

TLC For Kids, Inc has been St. Louis’ premiere nanny and babysitting agency  for over 25 years.Flu season is here! Peak flu season is from November through March.Flu Facts: ~Five to twenty percent of the US population get influenza each year....more

How to Tell If Your Babysitter Even Likes Your Children

There are many things to look for in a nanny or babysitter. Finding a nanny or babysitter who actually likes children should be one of them. Here are 6 ways to tell if your babysitter actually likes children, never mind yours:...more

Worst Babysitter Ever: Should You Google Before You Hire?

Finding a good babysitter can be hard. Can I get an amen? We lost our favorite babysitter because she went and had a baby of her own. How dare she! (I kid; I was excited for her even though we lost an amazing babysitter.) Still, all of my babysitting woes don't compare to what Gina at Full Of It went through with her fridge-raiding, middle-of-the-day-showering, cash-only babysitter. A little Google research when things got really weird showed Gina that her babysitter had been charged with narcotics possession. Eep....more
Found it odd that we're so fast to Google search every day acquaintances, but not a child ...more

A Parental Checklist When Looking For a Caregiver

Now, I can only speak for myself obviously, but I thought it might be helpful to list out some things I'm doing, that I wouldn't have even known I would do in this search for a sitter....more

Finding a Babysitter Isn't As Easy As It Sounds

This found its way to my Facebook feed yesterday, and while the original list is gone, the article goes into enough detail to give you the point.The gist is, a couple put out an ad for a babysitter, and in the ad, they put 65 questions the applicants should answer....more

Guest Post: Finding the Right Babysitter for your Family

Today I am lucky enough to have a guest post on finding the right babysitter for your family...something I might soon be needing!_____There comes a time when you have a function or even a date with your spouse that requires that your little ones stay at home with a babysitter. Leaving your children in someone else’s care isn’t always easy but you can’t avoid it....more

Babysitter Blues

My kids used to be clingers. I couldn't go anywhere. I couldn't leave them, ever. When my husband and I would go out (about once every three months) we had to have an elaborate ritual, where the babysitter would come and stay while we were home for about and hour. Then my husband and I would put the girls to bed, by ourselves. Then we'd sneak out like teenagers, and hope we didn't wake them up. Not much babysitting involved, right? ...more

The Babysitter Ick

Minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.  That’s usually for teen jobs, entry level gigs or for jobs that don’t require to much brain-power.  And that $7.25 is BEFORE taxes.  Take home is usually $6 to $6.50 an hour....more

Should I Hire a Hot Nanny?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,Where do you stand on the whole Do I hire a hot nanny or am I asking for trouble issue?Signed,She’s Really Hot...more
I'm just sayin' that "imjustsayin" has views that don't match mine. Unless you're looking ...more