Moms Unite: How to Create A Babysitting Co-op

As a new mom, the most important thing you can do is to find a group of like-minded moms whom you trust. You will trust these moms with your new mom questions, your deepest, darkest mom confessions, and eventually, the care of your child....more

Would You Let Someone Babysit Your Child Over Skype?

The New York Time's Motherlode had an article recently about the parenting trend to have someone occupy your child over Skype or FaceTime in order to free you to do other things in the house. Think of it like babysitting from afar. Like really really afar. ...more
Reading is a perfect activity for this.more

Have Minivan Will Babysit

Having a minivan can be quite the catch-22. We bought it for the long drive to southern California we do once or twice every year. It's fun sometimes also to carpool with friends and their kids to the zoo or the science museums....more

I Knew There Was A Problem When I Came Home and Found the Babysitter Tied Up

Dear babysitter who thinks because my son has special needs that means he’s sweet and easy.When I told you about my son’s issues during our interview, I don’t think you were listening to me. You were so perky and shiny and a tad bit condescending. “Oh yes, I worked with special needs kids in summer camp.” But you know what babysitter? All special needs kids are not a like....more

Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's -- A Loser

Dear Mouthy Housewives, Recently I hired the teenage daughter of a good friend to babysit my preschool children. Unfortunately, she turned out to be a bit of a disaster. I came home to find my kids still awake two hours after their bedtime, their bedrooms trashed and the remnants of a cookie baking session all over the kitchen. I told my friend about this, but she didn't think it was anything to worry about and now she keeps suggesting we hire her daughter again....more
I leave a babysitter box. One sheet printed off of our house rules and routines, another sheet ...more

MeeMaw And PopPop's Great Adventure

Now we are down to one more sleep before we pass the babysitting baton over to Oma Debi.  I wrote this last Wednesday, before the kids came to stay for 9 days.   ...more
@HomeRearedChef ha, thanks! what do your grandchildren call you?more

The Difference Between Nannying and Babysitting

It’s finally quiet. Glo-Worm, after a morning of screaming over everything, lastly her diaper getting changed, is now peacefully sleeping upstairs. It’s been a rough week – I think Glo-Worm knows that I’m leaving her in less than two weeks. She’s overly clingy, she’s having a hard time transitioning from one activity to another, and she doesn’t want to do anything by herself. I spend most of my days with her balanced on my hip, trying to do things one-handed. Being 15 months old is hard, but it’s part of my job to do my best for her despite my own frustration....more

Enabling the Babysitter Addiction

I was reading Salon and found an article called My Babysitter Addiction. Interested, I clicked on it – and read a really honest and inspiring story from a woman who uses babysitters as part of her “global village” – you know, the one that’s supposed to help raise your child. She’s a single mother with a passel of kids, and she went from micro-managing her babysitters to allowing them to help her. In turn, she relaxed and was able to get more of her own identity back, and not just be “Mom” all the time....more

It takes 6 hands

I hadn't had my Bug in 2 weeks and missed her face and I'm pretty sure she missed mine too because when she got here this morning she was super mouth-open-hands-out happy to see me. I could stop there, because it was that good. But I won't. ...more

Not sure swimming lessons was such a great idea after all.

I had a genius idea a few weeks ago that I wanted to take Bug to swimming lessons.  I know Mol was a fish growing up and she started with baby swim lessons so I figured her babe should have that too. After calling around a bit I found a place in Apple Valley that happens to have “dolphin pups” classes on Wednesdays at 11am so – yesterday – I signed us up. ...more