Babysitter safety: top 10 things to do before leaving your kids with a babysitter

Image source: cafemomstatic.comEvery parent, including a stay at home one, needs to have a contact number of a babysitter who’d be able to take over and look after the child during the emergency cases and times you just need to leave the house without dragging your kid with you....more

How Babysitting Changed My Views on Relationships

Yesterday, I had the chance to look after 4 beautiful kids and got very surprised by how I felt afterwards. I did a pretty damn good job running after them in my flat, which is set up for a single chick, in all honesty; but the whole experience opened up something in me that I never thought was there – suddenly I felt and I’m thinking that it would be great to have a family. Does it mean that I am ready?>>>>...more

The diving board story.

This story has always been referenced by that title. I have not shared it for over twenty five years. It was my story telling debut.  I babysat a lot when I was young. I enjoyed it and kids liked me. It gave me spending money and something to do. My favourite family to sit for,Lived down the street from me. They were a nice family.They had two girls.They were great parents and always considerate of me....more