How Much Is a Babysitter Worth to Your Health & Marriage?

A small hint of silver lining to the Great Recession is that the national average for an hour of babysitting has decreased by 50 cents from $9.80 in 2008 to $9.30 in 2011, according to This rate, however, varies wildly by location, and many of us in major metropolitan areas pay between $12-$16 an hour for sitting. In Boston, the country’s most expensive childcare market, I’ll pay between $15-$17 an hour for an occasional sitter....more
I recently moved from Boston to the bay area - glad that you included these 2 locales in the ...more

Free Babysitting is Better Than Paid Babysitting According to New Data

Free Babysitting is Better than Paid Babysitting In my quest to understand how Americans consume babysitting, what affects their consumption, and how that consumption is changing, I’ve created a survey that gets at many of the questions parents want to know. If you are a parent and would like to contribute your experiences, Click here to take survey....more