Bachelorette Parties, Penis Straws and the VIP Section

"So, how much would it be to get a table?" I asked this question to the bounciest of bounce-bag bouncers who was currently checking my ID to grant me entrance into one of the trendiest bars in town.   It was my good friend's bachelorette party and I was really only asking because I more so wanted somewhere to put my purse and be able to order a drink without getting my leg humped rather than flaunt the bottle service.  "Oh yeah, that's not gonna happen," was his oh so kind response....more
My friends had the dare card game at my bachelorette party last fall. The bartender would NOT ...more

Handing Out Roses

The last time I left you I had just completed the first dates with three guys I met through craigslist, Mike, RJ, and Daniel. If we are keeping with the Bachelorette theme, it would be time for a rose ceremony and another week of dates. Mike would get a rose, because he's sweet and just the type of guy I grew up dreaming of. {Then Chris Harrison would pop in and announce this is the final rose.} RJ would get the rose, because he's different and the kind of guy I have been dreaming about recently. {Again, Chris Harrison, "Daniel, I'm sorry....more

Bachelorette Finale: Desiree Gets Her Fairytale Proposal

To kick off the second half of the season 9 finale of The Bachelorette last night, host Chris Harrison recapped the first half succinctly: “Desiree gave her heart completely to someone who didn’t love her back…Desiree was left…virtually hopeless.” Nice setup, ABC. Real nice. ...more

The Bachelorette Finale Part 1: Do We Really Need a Part 2?

Rip off the Band-Aid, Brooks. JUST RIP OFF THE BAND-AID!!!!!!!!Photo courtesy of ABC...more

Bachelorette Link Up Episode 2


Bachelorette Link Up Episode 1

Alright, so my friend Meg over at Henning Love is having a link up to recap The Bachelorette every Tuesday.  When I saw her post about it was instantly excited.  True confession: I love The Bachelor TV series.  However, I don't love it like most people love it.  I love to hate it....more

The Bachelorette Finale: It's an Insta-Family! Just Add Water!

 We’ve reached, according to Chris Harrison, “the most dramatic television event of the summer… One of the most dramatic finales in Bachelor...more

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All (Except What's In The Confidentiality Agreement)

We’re at that point in season 8 of The Bachelorette where Chris Harrison finally asks the guys “what the hell was wrong with you when you called Ricki baggage” and “are you that douche-y in real life?”  (The answers are: I’m just bein’ me and yes, respectively.)  ...more
 @lindsay4 That I do. :)more

Why the Next Season of "The Bachelor" Needs to be at the Olive Garden

Everyone wonders why the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise has had ten bajillion seasons and only two marriages.  I think the answer is pretty simple.  You need to have a season at the Olive Garden.  I’m serious.  Take away the once-in-a-lifetime adventures, luxurious fantasy suites, hair and makeup teams, and outrageous clothing budgets and have the season take place in a mall.  They can bond o...more

The Bachelorette recap: It's Gettin' Serious, Y'All! Seriously.

This week’s episode is brought to you by the word “serious.”  Because, in the words of the guys vying for Emily’s heart, “this is getting serious,” “once families get involved, it gets serious” and “this just became super-serious.”  Some iteration of the word “serious” was used at least six times tonight.  Seriously....more