The Bachelorette Party: Episode Two

Ok, so in case you missed the memo, Stephie and I started a weekly series following this season of The Bachelorette. We will be live tweeting, doing weekly recaps, and sharing great viewing party/couch vegging/ girls night in recipes. This week, Stephie was in charge of the cooking and made one heck of a boozy milkshake. And, stay tuned because since we love y’all (sorry I had to—friggen Andi is going to make this word a part of my regular vocab now), we will be having a huge giveaway towards the finale. ...more

Team one F Jef

You Guys. Have you been watching the Bachelorette? If so, and you haven't watched last night's Fantasy Suite episode yet, how in the world have you held out this long, stop reading this and go watch it. Well, don't. I won't give anything away from last night's episode, just the final three. If you don't watch it, you do not know the excitement you are missing. I may have been complaining the other day that my life is not exciting, but on Mondays, it's about all that this girl can take....more